February 21, 2024

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What Services are Offered by a Professional Art Restorer in London?

professional art restoration London

If you maintain an art collection, you will likely need to eventually seek out professional art restoration. London is home to countless galleries and private collectors, which ensures that conservation services can also be found in abundance. If you need to seek out the help of such a professional, what services can you expect?

The first step of professional art restoration, in London or anywhere else, is a full and thorough assessment of the work. This will determine whether the art has been restored previously while identifying any flaws that require repair and maintenance. The steps that will then be taken include:

  • Performing a full surface clean of the canvas, removing dirt and grime.
  • Consolidating and resecuring any loose and flaking paint with adhesive.
  • Reapplying protective varnish to the canvas.
  • Relayering the paint if necessary.
  • Applying the art to a new canvas if this is required.

You may be wondering why you need to seek professional art restoration in London now that you know what is involved in the process. Now that you know what to do, you can surely teach yourself these techniques?

In reality, it’s highly inadvisable to attempt any kind of DIY maintenance of your art collection. Best Professional art restoration in London is an industry unto itself for good reason –galleries and experienced restorers have the advantage of years of dedicated training and an array of technology that ensures the task will be performed to maximum impact.

You can also rest assured that your painting will not undertake any kind of work that you do not wish for. Part of the consultation process of managing damaged art involves assessing the wishes of the owner. If you prefer the colour palette to pop a little more, replacing the muted shades and hues associated with the Old Masters, this will be an option. Alternatively, your restorer can replicate the aesthetic appeal of the original piece.

This raises another question, and arguably the most important one of all. Where should you turn for professional art restoration in London? While multiple providers of this service are available, Simon Gillespie is arguably the most celebrated name in the world of art restoration.

This means that the gallery that bears this icon’s name, located on New Bond Street, is arguably the first locale that any collector seeking assistance with the repair and maintenance of their treasured paintings should seek out. Make an appointment or simply drop in – any art lover is assured a warm welcome at the Simon Gillespie gallery, which is the first step toward accessing the finest professional art restoration in London.