June 22, 2024

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What Is The Difference Between A Funeral Parlour & A Mortuary In Singapore? 

funeral parlour in singapore

A funeral parlour in Singapore and a mortuary facility may differ slightly, but they are extremely similar in that they both care for and prepare the deceased for burial or cremation. Both are in charge of creating and submitting the required papers to the county and/or state to move forward with the burial or cremation procedures.

The distinctions, albeit small, can be seen in the importance given to assistance for survivors.

Funeral Parlour:

A funeral home is typically able to offer a more comprehensive service and frequently in more lavish settings that are focused on the comfort of the remaining family members. Funeral homes employ funeral directors who assist in organizing the several memorialization options a family may select. Funeral directors get grief counseling training as well.

Several funeral homes provide a wide range of services and goods, from elaborate services for huge crowds with multimedia capabilities, event organizers, cuisine, and music to more private solutions. Also, they could provide a wide range of memorialization materials, including service books, pictures, jewelry, works of art, keepsakes, special caskets, and urns. They frequently contribute to the creation of obituaries for newspapers.

It should be noted that a funeral home frequently does not have an on-site crematory. This will entail that the funeral home employees will arrange for the deceased to be taken to a different location for cremation before having the cremated remains returned to the funeral home.


A mortuary is frequently more focused on the mortuary sciences of caring for and preparing the corpse for burial or cremation, even if the result is the same—burial or cremation. The organization could be more straightforward, providing simple services like a brief viewing for close relatives and cremation without elaborate memorialization options. Although this isn’t usually the case, consumers should be aware of this possible distinction.

The mortuary could charge substantially less yet provide fewer services. Only a mortuary offers on-site cremation, which is a significant distinction. A funeral director may or may not be present at the morgue.

The facilities could be far more basic and less concerned with the customer’s comfort. It should be mentioned that there are mixed facilities with full-service funeral directors and on-site cremation that are quite pleasant. When determining which firm is best for you, it is advised that you inquire, looks at images on the company website, and go on a tour.

What to send as a condolence gift at a Buddhist Funeral?

Many cultures and religions have different funeral traditions. You could notice the custom of gift-giving when attending Buddhist funeral services in Singapore. Giving a sympathy gift has traditionally been seen as a suitable gesture to convey your sympathies for a loss, whether it takes the form of “pek kim,” the Hokkien name for sympathy money, or other arrangements.

Yet, it is crucial to make the appropriate present selection. Giving the wrong kind of gift might come out as callous, especially during this trying time for the family. A non-believer might not be aware of some Buddhist funeral customs, yet there are certain that one should observe.

Now let’s go through three suitable condolence presents you may bring to a Buddhist funeral:-


One of the most popular presents you may offer or give to the grieving as a token of your sympathy is food. Typically, planning a funeral may become rather stressful, leaving the mourning family little time to sit down to a hearty dinner. But, missing meals can put a strain on the human body because we need nutrition for our bodies to operate normally.


Another typical sympathy gift that many people send to the grieving is flowers. If you’ve ever been to a Buddhist funeral, you may have seen a row of funeral wreaths on display during the service. The majority of Buddhists follow the tradition of sending carefully prepared and created funeral flowers following the traditions and culture of the departed and their bereaved family.

According to Buddhists, the major goal of offering flowers is to spread tranquility amid a sad occasion. Also, these funeral wreaths are seen as an offering to Buddha for the peace of the dead soul and are supposed to symbolize sadness.

Money for condolences:

Money offerings sometimes referred to as “pek kim,” are among the most typical condolence presents given during a Buddhist burial. The funds are often used to cover funeral expenses to help the bereaved family get through this difficult period.

When sending money as condolence, it is customary to put the sum into a white envelope before delivering it to a member of the grieving family. Any sum is appropriate as long as it is given sincerely. The amount provided often depends on your level of relationship with the dead as well as your unique situation.