June 20, 2024

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What is Honda Lowers Bike Pricing in Pakistan

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The Honda CD 70, a household name in Pakistan’s two-wheeler market, is now more enticing than ever before. Atlas Honda has taken a bold step by slashing the price of this popular model by a substantial Rs22,000. Effective immediately, you can own this iconic bike for just Rs135,900. This remarkable price reduction sends waves of excitement through the market.


Honda CG125 – A Hefty Discount

Not stopping at the CD 70, Atlas Honda has also given the Honda CG125 a major facelift. This sturdy and reliable model sees a remarkable reduction of Rs33,500, making it a more attractive choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. The new price tag for the CG125 is sure to turn heads.


Shining Bright – The CG125 Gold Edition

If you’re one of those who prefer the premium Honda CG125 Gold Edition, you’re in for a treat. The price for this elite motorcycle has been slashed by a staggering Rs38,500. This Gold Edition now comes with a price that’s as dazzling as its name, offering an unbeatable blend of style and performance. It’s not just about Atlas Honda; the whole motorcycle industry is in motion.


Suzuki and Yamaha: The Anticipated Responders

Industry experts predict that Atlas Honda’s move is just the beginning. Suzuki and Yamaha, major players in the motorcycle industry, are expected to follow suit. The price reductions across various motorcycle models are part of a collective effort to extend the advantages of the rupee’s appreciation to a wider audience. This concerted effort aims to make these beloved vehicles more accessible to the masses, transforming dreams into reality.



As the rupee climbs in strength, Atlas Honda’s bold decision to lower motorcycle prices has set the industry abuzz. Motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan have every reason to rejoice as their dream machines become more affordable. Whether you’re eyeing the iconic Honda CD 70, the robust CG125, or the elite CG125 Gold Edition, these price adjustments are here to make your dreams come true. Stay tuned as Suzuki and Yamaha are expected to join this exciting wave of affordability, and the entire nation welcomes the winds of change in the motorcycle industry.