February 21, 2024

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Tips And Tricks To Make Your Water Tank Last Longer

Potable water is essential to keep the household running smoothly and, more importantly, to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Thus, having a water tank allows you to store extra water to meet daily household requirements. But to ensure your water tank lasts longer and supplies you with regular clean water, you need to conduct routine checks and maintenance to ensure that the tank stays in good quality and the water stored does not cause any problems.

Usually, a water storage tank lasts almost 20 years. And a well-maintained underground water tank can last a long time. Yes, you heard it right! Some tanks can last over 100 years. Installing proper water tank liners and replacing them when necessary is essential to maintaining custom water tanks.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure regular checks and make the tank last longer.

Regular Cleaning

As obvious as it sounds, regular cleaning of water tanks is vital. Often, people put off cleaning tanks until they find apparent issues such as visible debris, foul odour or a waterborne disease in the family. The frequency of cleaning tanks increases according to the water supply in your area. If the water is hard, borewell or tanker water, it becomes necessary to clean your tanks regularly as the silt might settle and clog the pipes and holes. Thus, clean your water tank regularly to ensure maximum water supply.

Clean Surrounding Areas

The next best thing is to ensure the surrounding is free of garbage or debris, as it might turn into a breeding ground for insects. Thus, people often must remember to clean the area surrounding the water tank and the water pumps. People must keep the surroundings clean and dry to ensure no bacteria evolve to contaminate the water supply.

Check the Utility Hole Cover and Lids

While buying the tank from a water tank supplier, repeatedly check to see that the lids and utility holes cover the tank securely and are airtight. In addition, ensure that it has a proper lock facility to ensure it is not left open accidentally. If the lid has cracks or holes or does not close properly – birds, animals and insects might get in and contaminate the water.

Repair Damages Immediately

Minor issues, such as cracks or leaks in the overhead water tanks, can occur over time from the natural weathering of the tank. Prepare to tackle the smallest of problems immediately to prevent dips, leaks or water seepage and to save time and money, which might arise in the long run. If you conduct regular checks, your water tank will last longer and prevent water damage to the house.

Check all the Pipes

Lastly, check all the pipes in and out of the water tank, starting with the inlet and outlet pipes. You must ensure that the lines are connected and sealed correctly to the tanks to prevent drips and cracks and reduce water damage to your home.

Next, check the overflow and air exhaust pipe. These pipes should be fully covered to ensure nothing gets in via the lines, and also remember to check for holes or tears regularly.

Top Quality Tank Coating

The quality of the tank coating determines how long the tank will last. It is the tank’s primary defence against corrosion and will help eliminate metal loss. To lower your maintenance costs every year, ensure good quality water tank liners and coating so that every year, the only repair that needs to be done is a ‘top coat’ for maintenance. If this is not done, you might have to pay for expensive welding repairs over the years.

Upgrade Technology

Every year the manufacturers launch new technology and features in their products. Thus, it would help if you kept an eye out for such techs to make it easier for you to maintain your water tank and make the most out of your tank equipment.


The tips mentioned above will make tank maintenance more accessible and will ensure longer shelf life for the overhead water tanks. These tips can help you save money on extensive repairs by ensuring cleanliness and hygiene and making minor repairs all year round.