February 29, 2024

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How to Create a Research Poster

Poster printing is not limited to the advertising and marketing sector anymore. Now professional poster printing is considered a strong medium to send messages to the audience. Because why not? 


With the fast poster printing services, you can now order same-day poster printing or next-day poster printing according to your need. But, before you get posters printed, it’s important to create an effective poster. 


What should be included in a research poster?


A research poster portrays the key information and highlights the findings to generate an interactive discussion. Since it’s a poster, it incorporates text, tables, graphs, images, and so on. When a framed poster is hung on the wall at a conference, the participants view the poster and get an insight into the research work. 


Thus, they can decide whether or not they are interested in attending the discussion. If so, then they can also be prepared with questions and comments to make the discussion effective. Thus, the research poster must have the following criteria. 


Use a consistent and coherent layout 

Use a simple but catchy title

Accentuate the research question and outcome 

Use visual representation 

Use a clear and readable font and font size. 

Use references 


How to Create a Research Poster


Here is the step-by-step guideline on how to create a research poster. Follow the steps to make a clear and engaging research poster. 


Answer the three questions through your poster 


Before you design the poster, think about these three questions and answer them through the poster. 


What information should you share to complement the poster

What are the crucial research findings 

How to visually present the data. Etc. 


Designing the poster 


In your research poster, you should be careful about the choice of text and images. Here is the chronological order of how you can create the overall content of the research poster. 


  • Decide on the size of the poster first. Depending on the instruction of the conference, you can use a1 poster, 40 x 50 poster, 60 x 90 poster, or go for regular-size square posters. You have many options to choose from. So, follow the instructions. 
  • You can use PowerPoint or other design programs to create the research poster. 
  • Considering the size of the poster, choose a large font for the title. It should be at least 72 points with a readable font style. 
  • Below the title, address the research question or research hypothesis. The font should be smaller than the title, at least 24 pt or more. 
  • Address the research method. You can go creative in this section. Use shapes like boxes, graphical representations, or icons to present the research method. 
  • Highlight the interview question and your observations about why you think it’s important to research the topic. 
  • Highlight the interesting facts of your project. 
  • Add quotes from the interviewees. 
  • Be creative in showing your findings. You can use images, icons, or graphs. 
  • Add references and acknowledgements. 
  • Don’t forget to add your name, designation, and institution name.


Final Thought


These days, posters are used for academic purposes as well. Whether it’s a discussion or a conference, poster presentations are widely used in academic programs. So, if you are planning to create a research poster, this guideline will help you.