May 21, 2024

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Palo Alto Training Network Security Engineer in 2023

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As soldiers guard areas around the country’s boundaries and guard them against intruder attacks, firewalls are the primary line of defense in network security. Firewalls protect outgoing and inbound traffic on a computer network. Palo Alto Training Networks pioneered “next-generation firewalls” with highly optimized software and hardware.

Palo Alto Training In India

Media offers Palo Alto Training in India (PCNSE) at two locations. Pune & Delhi-NCR. Network security engineers, administrators, analysts, and security managers can significantly benefit from this training as it can help improve their skills.

We conduct extensive classroom training to provide “Palo Alto Firewall Training.” We focus on practical lab sessions to get ample hands-on experience with the most recent “next-gen firewalls” from Palo Alto. Our labs are accessible 24 hours a day, allowing you to train at your convenience. They are knowledgeable and have expertise in Palo Alto Networks’ firewall products and solutions.

Palo Alto Firewall Training in India will make you skilled and confident in how to set up, configure and manage and help troubleshoot Palo Alto’s “next-generation firewalls,” which offer security across clouds, networks, and mobile devices.

We have created the Palo Alto Firewall Course of Instruction according to Palo Alto’s Blue Print and Study Guides that Palo Alto provides in preparation for the PCNSE Certification. Our Palo Alto Firewall Training provides the best foundations to prepare for the PCNSE Certification preparation. Obtaining a Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer certification will make you appear to be an authority in this Network Security domain and improve your job prospects.

Preparation for the Exam

The best way to prepare for the PCNSE certification is to gain extensive experience. Because working with the latest generation of hardware firewalls VM-Series firewalls Global Protect and Panorama management systems. Gaining experience in small and large deployments and deployment of data centers and edge devices is recommended.

The Topics Covered in The PCNSE Exam

The PCNSE test examines PAN-OS software Panorama, Global Protect, and other components associated with the Palo Alto Networks security platform. It tests the knowledge firewall administrators need to design and install, configure maintenance and resolve issues with Palo Alto Networks implementations.

Palo Alto Firewall Training Course Curriculum

The Palo Alto Firewall Training and Cisco Training program is designed to give you the expertise and knowledge required to set up, troubleshoot, and manage the security infrastructure with Palo Alto Firewall/PAN Operating System. We will cover the modules listed below during our training.

Practical training or Lab training is vital for gaining practical experience. Along with classroom lectures, we offer top-quality Lab conditions for hands-on training room rental.

Insights on ServiceNow Course

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Industry experts in technology created experts from the tech industry designed the ServiceNow course to give the perfect blend of theoretical and practical information to make students job-ready. Learn to write scripts for custom applications, make advanced customizations, and acquire. So the required knowledge to obtain an exam for the ServiceNow certification.