April 14, 2024

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How To Use Google Reviews For Squarespace Website: Strategies You Need

Google Reviews For Squarespace

Talking about the internet-driven world and the impact it creates on the choices we make online.  Also, because we have a bandwagon of choices, sometimes making the most appropriate selection gets jarring and overbearing, but not to worry, as there are reviews to our rescue. Reviews posted online by the existing users give honest feedback and first-hand experience for other fellow internet and service users. While we talk about the posted online reviews, we can not neglect the dominance of Google Reviews in this spectrum.

Being one of the most reliable and genuine feedback sources, Google Reviews on Squarespace website can help improve your website visibility and presence online. Let us sneak a peek into some advantages of using a Google Reviews widget on the Squarespace website.

Benefits of Using a Google Reviews Widget on your Website:

The below mentioned are the key benefits of using a Google Reviews widget on your website. These points will highlight the importance of Google Reviews on your website;

1. Increases trustworthiness:

As Google is one of the most trusted and authentic sources for reviews online. The streams of trustworthiness are automatically generated. And these reviews on your website increase and enhance the website’s credibility and trust amongst the internet audiences. 

2. Enhances website traffic:

As the website becomes more authentic by adding a Google Reviews widget, the website traffic also enhances. An increased number of people visiting and exploring your website increases your chances of getting and attracting more potential leads. 

3. Impacts on the website SEO:

Lastly, the Google Reviews on your website massively impact its Search Engine Optimization ranking. And as we know, a better-ranked website is far more visible and reaches a wider section of internet audiences.

To increase desired website traffic and credibility, online website developers and marketers should consider these below-mentioned strategies to magnify the impact of Google Reviews on your Squarespace website.

Best Strategies for Using Google Reviews for your Squarespace Website:-

These handpicked strategies can boost your Squarespace website’s reputation and performance online. Hoping that our readers will go through all these brilliant strategies to implement them wisely;

1. Ask customers and clients for reviews :

The best and most appreciated method of collecting genuine and first-hand reviews is by asking customers and clients for reviews. The customers and clients have recently and in recent past must have tried your offered service and have had some sort of experience either positive or negative. Thus, these positive and negative experiences experienced by the users and customers will be genuine and authentic and will act as social proof for other potential customers.  

2. Send follow-up and reminder emails:

The next strategy is to send follow-up and reminder emails to your existing customers and recent users. Emails are extremely professional and feasible methods of making sure that your customers are made aware of the need of reviewing their availed service whether good or bad. The emails given by the brand must contain a link that redirects the user to the review page, thus, the customer’s experience should be hassle-free. 

3. Actively participate in responding:

The reviews will always be a mixed bag of both negative and positive reviews, as everyone has a different way of perceiving the service availed and experienced. The website developer and owner should actively participate in responding to the responses submitted by the users. The positive reviews will be a catchphrase that can be collected strategically and embedded on your website to attract website visitors. And the negative responses will provide the scope and room for improvement for your product and website.

4. Link the Google Reviews page and button on your website:

To make your Squarespace website stand out and stand apart from your competitors is to ensure your website designers embed Google Reviews links and buttons on your website. This will make your website more visually appealing and professionally sound.  Also, the Google review button on your website will catch hold the attention of your new website visitors.

5. Embed reviews on your website:

Tweaked this point and put up more emphasis on this strategy because to make your website enhance its reach and improve its SEO rankings is to embed positive and useful reviews on your website. The reviews embedded on your website have a huge impact on the masses and eventually influences their purchasing decisions. The process of embedding selected and desired reviews on your Squarespace website does not require any technical expertise. This process can be done easily by using new and advanced social media aggregator tools. The best part of these tools is that they come with optimal and amazing features of moderation and profanity filter that ensure only the most appropriate content goes up to your website.  


These smart and brilliant strategies can be used to increase the amount of Google Reviews on your Squarespace website. Along with that, it also assists in attracting new website visitors and enhancing the browsing experience of existing website users. Adding a Google reviews widget on Squarespace website has multiple benefits, including more website credibility and garnering more online trust.