February 26, 2024

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5 Best Student Learning Apps That Can Turn Laptops Into Study Buddies

In today’s advanced world, technology plays a pivotal role. While it has several benefits in the fields of communication, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare and many more, the educational sector seems to have benefitted the most from it! Technology enables continuous access to information and thus proves to be useful for students who seek knowledge for preparation of exams. Especially after the pandemic, when the world went digital, students quickly adapted to the new way of learning. The introduction of apps for students makes learning fun, interesting and convenient.

List Of Android Apps For Students

Today’s competitive education gives students a lot of assignments and projects on a daily basis. Learning apps for students help in keeping them focused and make their work easier. Here we have compiled a list of android applications that students can download on their laptops and use to make their work more efficient and presentable. 

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft Lens app makes it easier for students to capture images and change their format. Students can take pictures of whiteboards, blackboards or important documents and convert them to Pdf, Word, Excel or digitise handwritten text. You can trim, enhance and save these images to OneNote, OneDrive or any local device. Even if you are sitting at a different angle or there is a glare on the image, the app corrects it and gives you a clear and crisp image.  

Oxford Dictionary of English 

A dictionary is an essential book for all students. The book is available digitally and in the form of an app. It is a valuable resource for students, professionals, and academicians actively using English. Students who are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL exams can use this app to prepare well, as the Oxford Dictionary of English is globally accepted and has almost 150 years of research behind it. The app also offers certain advanced searches such as fuzzy, wildcard, and camera searches. You can also customise the app settings for a user-friendly experience.


The Evernote app works as a note-taking and organising app for students. You can take notes, scan or capture images, and save them in the app. It removes the risk of losing the notes. Students can also create checklists, to-do lists, memos, etc. Notebooks can also be created in various formats, such as photos, drawings, audio, video, text, Pdf, etc. You can also export these files to your other devices. Furthermore, you can create flags and reminders, assign due dates, and sync your Google calendar so that you never miss any important submission date or class. 


The Grammarly app helps students to edit and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in their assignments, emails, notes, etc. The personal writing editor and proofreader makes the text confident, clear, and error-free. Features such as the synonym tool help you find other words with similar meanings and improve your vocabulary. Clear explanations are shown for every correction, which helps you to avoid future mistakes and improve communication skills. You can choose between different dialects and add your own vocabulary to the dictionary. 

Chegg Study App

Students around the world exclusively use the Chegg Study app. All you need is a phone or a laptop, such as an Android OS laptop. The app also offers personalised support for homework and exams. The app lets you access a vast online library with answers and solutions for various subjects such as Maths, Physics, Accounting, Chemistry, Business, Engineering, and many more. 

The Chegg app can help you with as many as 80 subjects, whether you have doubts about classes, assignments, or homework. Using the question scanner feature, you can submit a photo of your question and get expert help within 30 mins. Alternatively, you can search through Chegg’s library of 60 million fully solved questions or create your own flashcards. 


From the last couple of years, the education system has been drastically digitalised. E-learning has now become a new trend. Students can learn at their convenience using several devices, such as a phone or an affordable laptop. You can use any of the apps mentioned above to enhance your learning experience.