February 22, 2024

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How to Overcome Most Common Fleet management Problems

How to Overcome Most Common Fleet management Problems

How to Overcome Most Common Fleet management Problems

Even with decent software in place and perfect fleet management systems, the supply chain will always have issues. Whether they are unexpected or due to sheer negligence, there is no way you can overthrow some recurring problems pertaining to fleet management. 


However, there are ways through which you can face these problems head-on and say no to reduced efficiency. Do you know what these problems are and how you can handle them? Read on to know more! 

  • Fleet or Driver Shortage 

You could have all the demands you need to cater to in front of you and still make mistakes here. After all, it only makes sense since demands can fluctuate and so can vehicle and driver health and performance. 


So, what do you do when you need to supply urgent consignment but do not have the means to do so? The answer is simple! You optimize routes and plan the entire system differently. 


WIth the help of your fleet management software, you can make sure that one vehicle can drop consignment to two places. This will save you both manpower and fuel! 

  • Fuel Costs 

There is no end to the way fuel costs are increasing. Therefore, the neverending expenditure of fleet management is always on the rise. But there are ways to tackle this problem as well. 


First of all, you need software that shows complete fuel monitoring reports allowing you to get an idea of fuel consumption. However, that is only the basics – software such as TrackoBit can also keep track of fuel costs along a route. This is the best way to get your fix without paying too much for it.


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  • Route Changes 

Fleet managers follow a lot of historical data to set perfect routes. However, when running in real-time, there could be many real-time challenges that drivers will have to face in real-time. In such a condition, you will have to resort to your software to give you alternative route ideas. 


However, sometimes it might happen that software cannot give appropriate solutions. In such a scenario, the best way to deal with route changes is to communicate with drivers along the same route and see what path suits the best. This is a time consuming process, but sometimes manual panning helps! 

  • Security 

A GPS tracking software is ideal if you always want to know where your vehicles are. They also help in retrieving vehicles that might have been stolen. However, that is not all the safety you will need. 

With the help of advanced fleet management software, you can also get access to features such as immobilization and SOS alerts. The best way to keep your vehicle safe is by activating as many safety sensors as possible through your fleet management system.