June 10, 2024

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How to get honey in Minecraft

In the 2019 Buzzy Bees update, a cute new mob and honey were introduced to Minecraft, however getting honey might be difficult if you don’t want to be stung.


Minecraft honey level 5: On the left of the image is an empty bee nest, on the right is a level 5 bee nest brimming with honey

How to harvest honey in Minecraft

A bee nest fills up in levels, similar to how a cauldron does, up to a maximum of five. However, you can’t collect the honey until the nest or hive is totally filled, which means five bees must enter and leave the hive. When you can see the honey flowing out of the hive, as you can see on the right side of the picture above, it means the honey is ready to be collected.

The bees will get angry if you take their hard work, whether it’s from a honey bottle or a honeycomb, unless you first quiet them down. This is another important consideration while collecting honey. Therefore, before destroying a beehive or nest or attempting to extract its resources, you must build a bonfire below it.

To prevent the bees from hurting themselves, we advise burying the campfire in the ground with one or two air blocks between it and the hive, and covering it with a carpet (moss carpet fits in nicely with grass).

How to harvest Minecraft honey: Honeycomb and honeycomb blocks

Minecraft honeycomb

While a bee nest is at honey level five and shears are applied, three honeycombs result when there is a bonfire below the hive. A motorized dispenser with internal shears may be used for an automated farm to harvest the honeycomb without upsetting the bees.

In addition to being used for waxing copper blocks in Minecraft to prevent oxidation, honeycomb is utilized in many crafting techniques.


Combine a piece of honeycomb with a string to form a candle. You can then add a dye to the candle to change its colour, but this must be done after first producing the candle itself.

Minecraft honey and honeycomb uses: A crafting grid shows the recipe for a Minecraft beehive


Place three honeycomb in the centre row of a 3×3 crafting grid, and fill the remaining spaces with any wooden planks to craft a beehive. A beehive is essentially the man-made alternative to a bee nest, working in the same way.

Honeycomb block

In a crafting grid, four honeycombs arranged in a 22 pattern will result in a Honeycomb Backrooms block, which is mostly used as decoration since it has a very interesting appearance. Unsure of what to use for your Minecraft home’s floor? Try a honeycomb block instead.

Minecraft honey bottle

A honey bottle is made by placing an empty glass bottle over a honey-filled hive or bee nest. The honey bottle may be used as food to replenish six calories of hunger or to get rid of the poison status effect without getting rid of any other status effects you may have applied. Similar to honeycomb, honey bottles may be produced by utilizing a dispenser that has glass bottles inside of it without upsetting the beehive’s inhabitants.

One honey bottle makes three sugar, which can be used in crafts, but if you already have some sugar cane, that could be simpler. The honey block, which can only be created by merging four honey bottles in a crafting interface, is the primary crafting recipe for a honey bottle.

Minecraft honey blocks: A pink-haired player stands on bright yellow honey blocks

How to use Minecraft honey blocks

As was already indicated, four honey bottles may be used to create the versatile Minecraft honey bricks.