July 23, 2024

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Elite Auto Shipping is the Industry Leading Car Shipping Company

Across the nation, Elite Auto Shipping provides auto shipping services. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the business a good consumer review score, but other reviews and scores portray a different picture.
Our evaluation crew was interested in how the auto transporter compared to some of the top auto transporters in the business. To determine whether Elite car Shipping is a wise option, we considered the car shipper’s prices, services, scores, and reviews.

Is Elite Auto Shipping Right for You?

Indeed, Elite Car Shipping is a reputable vehicle shipping company. It is a minor vehicle shipping firm that has operated for 13 years. The capacity to ship almost any car is the most appealing aspect of the firm, which is based in the New York City borough of Staten Island.
In addition to these alternatives, Elite Car Shipping guarantees that no transfers will occur throughout the transportation procedure. It means the person that picks up your vehicle will also drop it off. This reduces the significant potential for harm.
We needed to find out from the company’s website whether Elite Car Shipping ships to Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas. Representatives assert that these delivery choices are available, although several sites on the site suggest differently.

How to Ship a Vehicle with Elite Auto Transport

What to do when shipping a car with Elite Auto is comparable to what to do when shipping with anybody else. When you’ve made transportation arrangements, there’s a list of things you must do to get your automobile ready to leave.
Check that your automobile is in excellent mechanical condition; the battery should be properly fastened, and the vehicle should not leak any liquids. Next, wash it well so that any scratches or dents are visible, and then photograph it from every aspect, inside and out. Finally, superimpose the date on the photographs using your camera – you’re making a record of establishing any damage to the automobile wasn’t preexisting.
Reduce the gas tank to 1/4 tank, but only partially empty it. If there is an alarm, disconnect or disable it. Remove everything that isn’t securely fastened to the inside: garage door openers, mobile phones, documents, and so on. Remove any trailer hitches, ski, bike, or luggage racks that aren’t permanently connected, and retract any telescoped antennas.
Remember that they’ll require a set of keys! Make sure they have access to one.
The most crucial thing, though, is to ensure you comprehend the shipment’s terms. Study every document they provide you attentively, and if something doesn’t make sense, ask questions.

Elite Auto Shipping Services
Customers may send their automobiles in various methods with Elite Auto Shipping. Here are some of the vehicle transport services offered by the company:
• Door-to-door shipping: Your driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as near to your chosen location as feasible.
• Instead of covered transportation, moving your automobile on an open air carrier is the less expensive option. Nevertheless, it exposes your vehicle to road dangers and inclement weather.
• Enclosed container shipping: You may send your vehicle in an enclosed trailer for an additional fee.
• Shipping historic vehicles: Not every auto transporter will ship classic autos. You can, however, with Elite Auto Shipping.
• Alternative car shipping: Whether it’s a motorbike, boat, RV, or another means of transportation, Elite Auto Shipping can ship anything.

Reviews for Elite Auto Shipping on Google
Elite Car Shipping has a 3.2-star rating on Google based on 512 reviews. However, on Google, the firm has numerous 5.0-star ratings and many 1.0-star evaluations, lowering the average.
As with the BBB, you should accept Google reviews with a grain of salt. It is more crucial to perform your research than to rely on others.

Elite Auto Shipping Cost

Elite Auto Shipping has some benefits. The company’s ability to ship any car could be helpful for individuals attempting to transport an alternative vehicle. A pledge to use a single driver for the total move is also worth considering.
Suppose you do ask Elite Auto shipment for a car shipment estimate online. In that case, you can contrast it with these averages from Auto Shipping, a marketplace for car shipping that collaborates with tens of thousands of movers.
• Under 200-mile average expense per mile: $2.92
• Over 1,000 kilometres, the average fee per mile is $0.78.
• Costs for transporting a vehicle range from $500 to $1,000 on average.

Factors That Affect Car Shipping Costs

The following variables frequently cause the price of your car shipping to change.
Cost of Fuel
Price The highest cost for car shippers is gasoline. Because of this, transportation will become more expensive as gas costs rise.
Cargo Options
The price will vary depending on the sort of cargo and the dispatch method chosen. For instance, enclosed car shipments will be more expensive than standard trailer shipping.
The rate of delivery will change as the year progresses. Transport will be more expensive in the summer, and costs will decline in the autumn and winter.
Vehicle Type:
Larger and more valuable cars will cost more to transport. So handling and insuring those kinds of cars comes with extra costs.

Other Benefits

Fully Insured Transport
You can relax knowing that Elite Auto Shipping will completely cover your car while being transported. In addition, the Elite only employs chauffeurs with full insurance coverage. This will prevent you from paying any unexpected costs if your vehicle is harmed while being transported.

Conclusion for Elite Auto Shipping

Elite Car Shipping had a rating of 3.4 out of 5.0 stars from us. They are worth considering for a car shipping business due to their excellent offerings and customer support. However, if you’re concerned about their reputation and costs, look at some of their rivals below.