May 21, 2024

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Buy Luxury Candle Boxes According to Your Requirements


In the past ages, candles were used for light purposes. Today, these are as popular as in the past. People use them for their room décor and place them at dining tables to create a soothing effect.  Undoubtedly, candles have become very expensive decor items.  There are many companies in the market selling luxurious candles. Are you thinking of launching a home decor business and in quest of finding a trustable packaging supplier? It’s time to end your quest. Reach us at UrgentBoxes. We design every type of luxury candle packaging to satisfy our client’s needs. Our company comprises highly talented designers who know how to transform the client’s raw ideas into practical shapes.

Enhance the Candle’s Value by Choosing Trendiest Box Design:

Candle in itself is a very charming product. But as a decor business owner, you must want to present it more professionally to captivate the clients. You can add value to candle packaging by selecting the most stylish boxes. We design every type of box following the requirements of the customers.  However, we design the following type of luxurious candle boxes:

  1. Straight tuck end box
  2. Candle box with die-cuts
  3. Tuck front
  4. Tray and sleeve packaging
  5. Counter display box

Choose Straight Tuck End Boxes for the Secure Encasing of Candles:

Candles are one of the most expensive and delicate products. So, the buyers cannot take the risk of damaging candles. We suggest custom straight tuck-end boxes (STE Box) for the safest packaging of candles. Straight-tuck end boxes are designed with a top and bottom and tuck in the same direction. Usually, this box’s design is suitable for single-candle packaging. The product stays compacted inside the box and does not fluctuate. The users can easily put in and draw out their candles without worrying about the product’s breakage.

Selection of Sustainable Material for Durable Candle Packaging:

The box’s material is more likely to damage a product. That’s why you have to stay conscious while making material selections. You must check that the material is sturdy and suitable for the environment. Some stock options are durable but cause harm to the environment. We make use of sustainable kraft, cardboard, and rigid stock.   A detailed description of each material is given in the table below:


Kraft Brown kraft paper is a more considerable option due to its natural look. It is sturdy enough to resist moisture, heat and traveling shock etc.
Cardboard Like kraft, cardboard has no harmful impact on the planet’s health. Cardboard paper is strong and viable for prints, laminations and add-ons.
Rigid The rigid paper has infrequent usage. Brands usually prefer rigid when manufacturing boxes for display, brand advertisement or gift packaging.


Advertise Company’s Products with Candle Box Logo:

In the present age, brand advertisement has become a nightmare. Companies are spending thousands of dollars for promotional purposes. Luxurious candle boxes printed with the brand’s logo can do wonders. People have become brand freaks. So, as they see the brand’s name on a product’s packaging cannot resist and buy products without any reservation. Besides, you can shape candle boxes into counter display designs and place them on the counter shelves to attract the client’s attention. We recommend coating the logo design with foil stamping. Silver and gold foiling highlights the specified design and outstands it from the rest. more

Embellish Luxurious Candle Gift Box with Decorative Finishings:

Candles can be a wonderful present to show affection towards loved ones. It is a fact that the presentation of the gift matter more than the inside item. At UrgentBoxes. Design retail boxes wholesale and gift boxes for individual needs as well.  We craft custom luxurious candle boxes per our customer’s requests. We utilize a plethora of add-ons and finishing options to furnish the gift packaging.  The gift box with die-cut looks very captivating as it provides a visual idea of the inside candles.  You can add foam inserts and punch partitions to keep multiple candles separated and unbroken. The conclusion of the gift box with hemp rope, colorful ribbons, and bows gives a very engaging and catchy look.

Why Choose us?

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