February 23, 2024

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Best iphone repair & service in dubai call:045864033

iphone repair dubai

iphone repair dubai

Apple Authorized iPhone Service & Repairs

One of the best places for iPhone repairs is the Urbanclap Apple authorised service shop. Our iPhone servicing centres are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We provide you iPhone repair services at three locations with 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. operation hours since we recognise how difficult life can be without your iPhone. You are welcome to bring your iPhone to our service centre whenever you need it fixed. Seven days a week, we are open. Available for free pickup and delivery. iphone  repair in dubai

iPhone Repair & Service Conditions:

  • Apple certified Engineers will inspect the device up on submission & suggest if screen repair is advisable
    • Back up your data to iTunes or iCloud
    • Erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings
    • Turn off Find my iPhone
    • The customer must submit their device before 12.00 PM to avail the Same day repair service.
    • Same day repair is subject to stock availability.

iPhone Cracked Screen Repair

You might drop your iPhone on the ground at some time if you rush to carry it around. As an iPhone user, you definitely don’t want to see this. However, repairing a shattered iPhone screen can be very expensive. You would like to trust the service centre with your iPhone in this case, and urbanclap Apple Service Center is your first choice.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Your iPhone is useless if there isn’t a reliable battery. The issue might be brought on by charges that discharge too quickly or by other, more obvious factors that can be traced back to the battery. To fix iPhone troubles like these, installing a replacement battery becomes the plan. The issue could be discovered by charges that quickly get dim.

iPhone Faulty Buttons

When one button or several of them are not functioning, it can make it more difficult to communicate by pressing a button. Problems like an unreliable speaker, issues with a button that is used frequently, like Home, or broken side switches can become frustrating very quickly. At our iPhone repair facility, we have a complete solution to this issue

iPhone Water Damage Repair

When you unintentionally put your smartphone into water, it might cause yet another issue for consumers. It may happen while getting ready for a bath, outside in a puddle, or, most painfully, in the bathroom. Since water and technology frequently don’t mix well, it’s crucial to have access to someone who can fix or replace your iPhone, and we do this brilliantly.call:045864033

iPhone Signal Issues

Being able to access the internet from almost anywhere is one benefit of owning an iPhone. Nonetheless, your iPhone will require rapid treatment if your operating system is flawed or you experience trouble downloading items like apps etc.