February 23, 2024

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Anastrozole: A New Milestone In Cancer Treatment

A drug known as Anastrozole could be better than ever to prevent breast cancer. It also promotes few side effects. They were studies to prove that women who took it for five years reduced cancer risk by half. Although there were chances of developing medium joint pain also.

The long term balance of risks and benefits has to be balanced .But, there is positive hope in this direction too. Let’s understand more about Anastrozole. A new evolving option and how women might benefit more from it. Along with Anastrozole 1mg price.

Working of Anastrozole

Let’s understand the working of Anastrozole. The estrogen hormones responsible for fueling the growth of cancers Post menopause, estrogen in women is produced by the enzyme aromatase. It is not produced by ovaries. Aromatase enzyme is produced by muscle and skin. Mainly the fatty tissues produce them.

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor. It reduces the amount of aromatase enzyme. Thus, it lowers estrogen production. Mainly in postmenopausal women. There are two forms of aromatase inhibitors. They are Anastrozole and letrozole.

Anastrozole is used depending on the stage of menopause a woman has reached.

Which women are at the highest risk?

Breast cancer is a common disease affecting a large population of women every year. Genetics and sometimes high-risk factors make them vulnerable.  New research revealed the presence of genetics and other situations such as age also.

Possibility of side effects

The associated side effects are a reduction in bone density. This results in pain, fatigue, and generalized weakness. Also, females experience joint aches and inflammation. Such a situation occurs in most women only. No occurrence of serious side effects such as heart attacks etc.

A surprising fact

Women who took Anastrozole had lower chances of contracting other cancer. The average follow-up is 5 years. Not less or beyond that. In the situations of long-term follow-up, the results were positive. Anastrozole produced a long duration of tumor tissue reduction. Nevertheless, comparable differences were not significant.

Other treatment modules

Anastrozole given for

  • Men with breast cancer
  • In PCOS women with fertility issues
  • Before menopause breast cancer cases

To note – given in the form of prescription tablets. Mostly given after surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, etc.

Key factors –

Anastrozole given after monitoring key blood tests. Key biochemical tests are cholesterol levels, bone density, etc. Done before treatment. This will ensure maximum efficiency and proper drug breakdown in the body.

Should I worry about the prices?

Availability should be the concerned factor. Anastrozole 1mg prices are   purchased online. This is much favorable. Well, concerned about prices? I bet you should. But there is a bet about generic medicines and a variety available too.