July 9, 2024

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What is the best company to ship a car to Hawaii?

Car transport to Hawaii works in much the same manner as shipping a vehicle to another state. You don’t have to think about many details because you hire one of the finest auto shipping firms to manage the logistics. However, two things distinguish Car Shipping to Hawaii: it takes a long time and is extremely costly. Therefore, the earlier you begin, the sooner your car will arrive—and the more money you will save.

Understand the basics

Understanding how moving an automobile within the United States contiguous region differs from moving to Hawaii is useful. The key distinctions are cost, business, transit schedules, and pickup specifics.

You pay (a lot) more.

Shipping a car to Hawaii costs approximately $1,000 more than standard automobile shipping. That’s because you’re paying for two services: land transportation to a West Coast port and foreign shipment—regular continental delivery costs around $1,100. Prices can vary based on variables such as your target location and car size—overseas delivery costs around $2,100, plus whatever the mediator charges to put things up. When you add them all up, you get around $3,200.

You deal with a different shipping company.

When you send a car to Hawaii, you collaborate with a car transport agency, carrier, and an international shipping firm that ships your car across the ocean. The company’s information will be provided to you by your dealer, who will take care of the rest of the shipment arrangements.

If you want your vehicle delivered to your new house in Hawaii, you must work with a different shipping firm. (rather than the port). 

You wait longer

It can take up to seven weeks to ship a vehicle to Hawaii. Your expected travel time is based on your target and arrival ports and factors like the accessibility of cargo vehicles and international carriers. However, you can typically anticipate the following delivery times: When you send a car to Hawaii, you collaborate with a car transport agency, transportation, and an international shipping firm that ships

your vehicle across the ocean. The company’s information will be provided to you by your dealer, who will take care of the rest of the shipment arrangements.

You take up your car to the port.

Typically, a car shipping company will bring your vehicle to your house. However, that is different from the situation with Hawaii car shipping. You must either pick up your vehicle at the port in Hawaii or employ another auto transport business to bring your vehicle from the port in Hawaii to your house.

The most well-known Hawaiian ports are:





Lanai City


Pick a shipment date.

Let the auto shipping company know when you need your car brought up. They typically offer you a one-week pickup timeframe centred on your provided date. Consequently, make sure you will be there by the pickup window closes or plan for family or friends to deliver your car to the car transportation company on your behalf.

Choose a company

Compare your choices after requesting transportation estimates from a three or four-vehicle shipping company. Then, a month before your departure, choose the least expensive carrier. Additionally, be wary of a company that offers absurdly low estimates (this is a simple way to prevent vehicle shipping fraud).

For instance, we saw a big red sign when we looked at a list of uShip carriers that recently brought vehicles to Hawaii. While the average cost was $3,260 for four of the five businesses, one claimed to be able to complete the task for less than $600, which is not feasible. So it’s not shocking that the company has a 0-star ranking.

How many days does it take to ship a car to Hawaii?

The distance between the pickup and transport points determines how long it will take to ship a car from the mainland to Hawaii or from Hawaii to the mainland. For instance, shipping an automobile from South Carolina to Hawaii will take longer than shipping a car from California to Hawaii. On the other hand, a car can typically be shipped from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 8 to 12 days, claims an expert auto transport firm.

How much does it cost to ship a car from LA to Hawaii?

An average vehicle costs $1650 to transport from Los Angeles to Honolulu Port in Hawaii.

Several variables are considered when calculating the price of shipping a vehicle to Hawaii. For example, the distance from the pickup site, the size and type of the car, the season, the time of year, the terrain, and many other factors affect how accurate a quote can be.

Use the auto shipping company’s online calculator for a free, immediate quotation for shipping a vehicle from Los Angeles to Hawaii if you want a reliable estimate.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car to Hawaii?

The cheapest method to get a vehicle in the country is to buy a used one, and that’s what you’ll get if you buy a used one.

Drive your vehicle to any port and pick it up in Hawaii yourself.

It works precisely as it sounds: you drop off your vehicle at the harbour, it is secured for maritime transit, rolled onto a ship, and then parked at the ship’s final port of call for pickup.

Only if you reside close to one of the major ports in Long Beach, Oakland, or Tacoma, California, is it the least expensive method to ship a vehicle to Hawaii. If you don’t reside close to one of these ports, you can employ a reputable auto shipping business to deliver your car to the port.

Can you put things in your car when you ship them?

When a shipping company is transporting your car, it is not against the law to send personal goods in it. However, you might be unable to take some unique things from your car. Some shipping firms will let you transport other stuff in your car and vehicle. The legality of your transportation company’s policy regarding personal things in vehicles under their control is typically not the main concern.

Legality has little to do with whether or not you put something in your vehicle when it is being delivered. It has more to do with how heavy these things are. Additionally, it relates to the policies of your transportation business regarding the presence of these items in the vehicle. Similar rules apply to personal items in shipped cars from most shipping firms. In part, after this, we’ll talk more about these regulations. Transportation companies will only let you transport your personal belongings in your vehicle. As we discuss these factors, they will become more apparent.

Is there a car ferry in Hawaii?

Only boats travel between various islands; there is no Hawaii transport you can drive your vehicle onto. However, auto transport trucks can organize for that portion of the trip and drive the car to the freighter. After the Hawaii Supreme Court declared that a state statute permitting the Superferry to run

without a second comprehensive environmental impact statement was illegal, ferry operations were put on hold in March 2009. Because of these measures preventing operation in Hawaii, the firm went bankrupt.

How to Safely Ship a Car to Hawaii?

The following steps must be taken to move a car to Hawaii legally:

>First, fill out a Registration Application form.

>Then, register previously from your present location and submit it.

>Enter your description

>Submit a safety check for Hawaii

Visit the state website for an exhaustive collection of guidelines. In addition, links to all necessary documents, such as the Application for Registration, are provided on the website, along with comprehensive directions.

Conclusions Regarding the Best Car Shipping Companies

The businesses above that transport cars to Hawaii are all top-notch suppliers. Working with each carrier has advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing your shipping provider, you should balance these benefits against possible drawbacks. Even if you are interested in the services of one carrier, we always advise getting quotes from at least two to three various shippers to get the greatest value and support.