June 16, 2024

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What is Included in the 18th Edition Level 3 Qualification?

18th edition training

The IET Wiring Rules are the de facto industry standards for the safe use and operation of electrical systems and equipment (BS 7671). They define requirements and operational standards for the UK in accordance with EC norms, and the British Standards Institute recognises them as British Standards (BS 7671). Its objective is to ensure that individuals are familiar with the organisation, content, and implementation of the specifications for electrical systems. Several institutions provide 18th edition training to educate you on electrical installation.

What is Covered in the Level 3 Course for the 18th Edition?

On the third day of the three-day course, the test will be administered in the late afternoon. The Rules serve as the framework for all theoretical classroom instruction in this course. Eight units must be examined, seven of which are connected to the BS7671 IET regulations’ portions and one to their appendices. You will be evaluated in the training centre using an open-book online test. You must receive a copy of the Blue IET Wiring Rules BS7671:2018 before enrolling in the course.

Why is Level 3 Qualification Required for the 18th Edition?


  • To comprehend the BS7671 Rules better and to keep up with any updates.
  • If you’re an electrical contractor looking to register with a Part P scheme, you must have this qualification.
  • If you work in a related trade and want to register as a residential installer but are not familiar with the electrical legislation, this might assist.

Why Should You Take This Course?

You must make sure that you are planning and installing in accordance with the most recent rules if you work in the electrical installation industry. Every installation must be organised in accordance with the 18th Edition wiring regulations starting in January 2019. Anybody intending to register with a competent individual’s programme will need to demonstrate that they are current, even if they have already completed a Level 3 NVQ. Everyone desiring to register with the new ECS Check system must also have the most recent certification.


  • Here are some additional advantages of training at a reputable institution:
  • 100% of the cost of wiring regulations courses is refundable.
  • A few locations in the UK

For a long time, certain institutions have offered instructions on wiring rules. The course materials and upcoming updates are online. Moreover, several institutions provide physical sessions along with 18th-edition Zoom instruction.

In-person training in a real classroom is unmatched, despite the fact that it is mostly theoretical. As you will be able to ask crucial questions and find solutions to numerous questions from other students that you may not have even considered, training with other students in your class can benefit you.

The 18th Edition Course Description

Anybody involved in the design, development, inspection, and testing of electrical installations & systems should take the three-day short course known as the 18th edition training course. It is also a nationally recognised “must have” qualification for persons enrolling in Part P Schemes or for organisations wishing to recruit electricians. The 18th edition of the IET Wiring Standards BS7671 2018, which was published in July 2018 for all installations in accordance with the 8th edition rules, will be followed by any electrical installations constructed after 2019. (which were released in July 2018).

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