May 17, 2024

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What Is a Senior Shaft Golf Club? (Plus Some Other Common Questions)

For those of you that have been playing golf for all of your adult lives, this probably isn’t your first time hearing about senior shaft golf clubs.

But there comes a time in your golfing career in which you might wonder what they are – or if you should be playing with them. So let’s take a look at that more closely.

Senior shaft golf clubs are, basically, golf shafts that have been manufactured with a lower stiffness rating than “regular” rated golf shafts. There is no industry standard, however.

The reason manufacturers make these more flexible golf shafts is because, as you age, your strength and flexibility naturally decline; this makes it more difficult to swing and control a stiffer golf shaft with the dexterity necessary to achieve greater ranges and maintain control of shot dispersion.

Older golfers can swing senior shaft gold clubs and attain greater ranges; they can also opt for a slightly longer golf shaft, which creates a longer swing arc and, therefore, greater clubhead speeds.

Who Should Swing a Senior Shaft Golf Club?
With that exposition out of the way, let’s cover who should swing a senior shaft golf club.

The short answer is anyone who is aging and feels as though their current sets of shafts are not performing as they used to.

As you age, your strength naturally diminishes. As a result, your swing speed will drop, too. Anyone with slow swing speeds can potentially benefit from senior flex shafts.

While senior shaft golf clubs are designed for older players, they’re actually beneficial for anyone with a swing speed that’s lower than 70 miles per hour.

Players with swing speeds between 70 and 90 mph generally can get away with regular flex shafts; players with swing speeds above 90 mph generally prefer shafts with stiff or extra stiff shaft flex ratings.

Are Steel or Graphite Shafts Better for Seniors?
This one’s an easy one to answer. Graphite shafts are better for seniors, almost unequivocally. This is because steel shafts are universally very stiff (and heavy) and graphite golf club shafts can be engineered in a wide range of stiffness ratings.

Should Seniors Swing Lighter Shafts and Clubs?
As a general rule, yes, senior golfers should play with lighter shafts and if possible lighter club heads. Playing with heavier shafts can cause ball striking and consistency to flag.

Lighter shafts are not only easier to swing but easier to swing faster. They’re also easier to control. Both control and swing speed are important factors that impact accuracy and distance.

By the way, senior golf shafts, which are generally more flexible shafts, are associated with lower kick point ratings as well. This can impact the launch angle, affecting ball flight and potentially enabling you to hit the ball farther.

Where Can You Get Fitted for a Senior Shaft Golf Club?
Concerned that your slower swing speed is the piece that’s affecting your performance? Senior shaft golf clubs may be the solution.

But do not throw darts at the board. There are a lot of moving pieces involved in golf club fitting and swing speed is only one of them. You have also to consider form and stance (which can be adjusted, mind you), as well as your measurements and swing tempo, among others.

Working with a golf club fitter is the best way to be confident you’re going to walk away with a new shaft and club that are well-suited to your needs as a player.

If you’re in or around Dallas, Texas, visit Dallas Golf Company in their retail location – or use their Online Golf Shaft Fitting tool.

Get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 if you have any other questions about senior or regular flex golf shafts or fitting services.