April 14, 2024

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What documents do you need when buying a used car / used car?


  1. Registration certificate Part I / Vehicle registration

The Part I registration certificate used to be the registration of the vehicle. As its name already suggests, this certificate must be carried in the vehicle. If the driver does not have this certificate, you would expect them to log out of their vehicle, in which case they have a recall certificate. In the vehicle registration, that is, the Part I registration certificate of the current holders stands. Here you also need to verify the identity card.

  1. Identity card of the buyer / seller

Who buys the car and we sell it? It makes sense to make sure that the seller is also the owner of the vehicle. Is not the? Do you even have authorization to sell the vehicle? If a vehicle is delivered to a registered office, it is also essential to see the buyer’s ID card and contractually agree to a time to log off/notify and, if necessary, negotiate a deposit that will be returned if the vehicle has been canceled or rescheduled. in the time interval. Who owns your vehicle on one? Professional platform for the sale of cars, the vehicle can be delivered, it will be picked up by truck and you will receive your cancellation confirmation by email within two business days.

  1. Registration certificate Part II / vehicle registration

The Part II registration certificate is the vehicle registration document. The current owner has always been written and the presenter, a gain in privacy, was the vehicle registration still registered up to six holders. So that you cannot drive a fool, the total number of holders is entered in the Part II registration certificate. For this reason, it is worth looking at the vehicle registration certificate or Part II registration certificate when buying used cars.

When buying a used car, it is essential to use the chassis numbers / VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers). Do the papers match the vehicle? Does the data also agree on the sales contract? The chassis number can be found on the papers, in the engine compartment, lower right on the windshield or on the passenger seat.

     4. TÜV test report

Does the vehicle still have TÜV? Is the HU badge still valid on the rear number plate? Well! But that’s not enough, you also need the so-called test report from the latest TÜV investigation. Although this does not have to be carried in the car, it is required for registration and is required to be stored until the next major inspection.

Is this HU report missing? Then you should suspect, in the test reports often also on parts of the wear limit, the seller has not replaced them? Why keep something quiet here? If you want to sell your car, you should prefer the TÜV test, because with two years of TÜV, your vehicle sells better and the buyer is safer in a number.

  1. Don’t forget the checkbook!

Is the vehicle maintenance booklet maintained? Then, of course, the checkbook is also one of the most important documents, in which case this is even a sales promotion measure, because a well-maintained vehicle usually doesn’t have a maintenance backlog or hidden costs that can still be attributed to it. to the potential buyer. If there is no checkbook available, you need to be able to explain why this is missing, has it been postponed? You can then print the old inspection invoices in the workshop and, if necessary, stamp a new checkbook. If you’ve done the inspections yourself, because you’re an auto mechanic, you need to prove it somehow. The newer a vehicle is, the more important it is to adhere to maintenance intervals when selling, but older vehicles must also be kept in good shape.

  1. Radio code and operating instructions

Modern vehicles often pose problems for those who are changing, the operating concepts are sometimes not self-explanatory. For this reason, the operating instructions should be in the glove box. Of course not the radio code, if the vehicle has a radio with a radio code then you need to be able to present it when you sell it, otherwise a dead battery could turn off the music completely for the buyer at some point.

  1. The contract: important when buying a used car!

Did you know that the vehicle registration document is not proof of ownership? A valid contract must be established. If you want to sell your car, you need a contract. Here are many ways on the net. It is best to fill out the contract directly on the site and check the IDs here again, as well as the chassis number, mileage and damage to the vehicle, which must be recorded in the sales contract.