March 4, 2024

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What Are The Best Dry Dog Foods For Puppies?

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Being paw-rents, often wonder that is it fine to feed your canines with dry dog food. Would it be fine if your pooch eats only dry food? Which is the best dry dog food that should be fed to pets? There are ample varieties of different dog kibbles available in the marketplace. All of them claim to be the best food for pets’ health. Sometimes it becomes very frustrating while choosing the type of food and brand that needs to be fed to pets as it should be available at an affordable price and must include all the required ingredients that are essential to keep furry pets’ health in check. 

How To Select A Good Food For Dogs & Puppies?

There are three types of food varieties available in the market that are dog dry food, wet canned food for dogs, and premium food which means grain-free food for dogs. Most pet parents prefer to feed dry kibble or wet canned food to pets. There is no harm in it as it contains all the required nutrients that are essential to keep our pets healthy, happy, and strong. It becomes more nutritious if you feed your dog or puppy by mixing both dry kibble and wet food as it provides the crunchiest flavorful taste of both dry and wet food.

Selecting the best food for puppies:

The nutritional requirements of dogs vary as per their age, size, life stage, breed, and lifestyle. Similarly, puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs require. Every brand prepares different food for puppies based on age and life stage by taking care of the nutritional requirements. For puppies, their growth requires to be observed closely so that they do not face any muscle or joint problems moving forward. Whereas there are certain brands available that serve both puppy food and dog food for all life stages, some puppies respond perfectly fine to these food types too. 

It is advised to consult your veterinarian once before providing any food to your pet to get a better idea of what and how to feed your pet by keeping their overall health in check. 

Selecting the best food for adult dogs:

There are many differences in the nutritional requirement of adult dogs due to their weight and size. When it comes to younger senior dogs, some might face issues with being overweight so proper food should be fed keeping well-balanced nutritional requirements in mind. On the other hand, some senior dogs might struggle to be underweight, so food that contains different nutrient ingredients amounts required to feed them. For deciding which will be the best for your pet’s health, eventually, a veterinarian will be the best option. 

What are the characteristics of the best dry dog food?

Best dry dog foods is considered to be most widely available at an affordable price in the market that can be stored for a long period. The water content in dry kibble is less compared to wet food. Dry food doesn’t require refrigeration even after opening it. However, wet food once opened can’t be kept for a long period that too needs to be refrigerated. Kibble food contains 90% of dry material and 10% of water content in it which decreases the chances of getting food spoiled and can be easily stored. 

Dry Kibble is made by blending and cooking ingredients like grains & meat. This method converts starch present in the food into an efficiently digestible form by eradicating toxins, flash, and other harmful chemicals and neutering the ingredients. Another advantage of dog dry food is that it is great to maintain the dental health of puppies and dogs. Due to its crunchiest textures, it is really helpful in removing tartar and plaque from pet’s teeth making gums stronger. 

What are the best dry dog foods for puppies?

Upon researching and discussing it with veterinarians, here is the list of some best dry kibble that is healthy for the puppy’s health:

Natural Balance Pet Foods L.I.D. Puppy Dry Dog Food Salmon & Brown Rice:

It is specifically made with high-quality limited wholesome ingredients to encourage good overall health of pets. This product ensures that your pet is getting all the essential nutrients that are required for a healthy and strong lifestyle. Real salmon is used in this food so that it helps in building strong muscles. Whereas brown rice provides plenty of fiber that is required for healthy digestion and for maintaining brain development, DHA from fish oil plays a vital role. It also provides amino acids that help in building strong muscles in puppies. 

Nutro Products Natural Choice Puppy Dry Dog Food 

This is made for puppies up to 1 year old. This food contains high-quality protein sources and Omega 3 Fatty acids that support brain and eye development. It also helps in building strong joints and bones through calcium content in the food. It is also known highly for promoting healthy immunity in pets with important antioxidants. 

IAMS Smart Puppy Dry Dog Food 

This food is specially formulated with 22 key nutrients that are found in the mother’s milk. Hence providing all essential nutrients required for a puppy to grow up as a healthy dog. Omega 3 DHA acids promote healthy cognition in puppies making them stronger enough and more substantial even during training time. 

Pedigree Puppy Growth & Protection Dry Dog Food

This food product is made with high-quality proteins to sustain your puppy’s muscle development. It contains calcium & phosphorus for healthy & strong teeth along with bones in puppies. DHA supports healthy and strong brain development. It is a 100% complete and balanced nutrition with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals for small, medium, and large breed puppies.

The best dry dog food eventually depends on the pet’s health, lifestyle, life stage, weight, size, and age. Being a pet parent, only you will be able to decide as per the pooch’s daily routine. You can shortlist some products as per your pet’s requirements and then it would be better to consult your veterinarian as he will be able to guide you with the perfect food that is required for your pet to keep them fit, healthy and stable. 

Kwik Pets always thrives to serve the best products you might ever require for your pet. We have a wide range of dog treats available ranging from pups to adult dogs that you will get in different flavors, textures, sizes, etc., as per your requirements. 

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