April 14, 2024

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Well, did Emily Malinowski suggest a relationship with Harry Styles?

I attended five Harry Styles performances

Only last year   (including Coachload, aka Chancellery). The live performances are an event to remember, from the elaborate sets to each wacky tour wardrobe put together by Styles’ personal stylist, Harry Lambert.

As a self-described certified sneaker girl, I couldn’t help but notice that the “Keep Driving” singer gallops across the stage in a pair of comfortable shoes, the Adidas Gazelles, and I wasn’t the only one.

So if the suede trainer has appeared out of nowhere and caught your attention, I give Harry Styles the credit for contributing to the revival of the vogue. Of course, he’s not the only one to wear them recently; Brad Pitt, Austin Butler, and Jacob Deloris have all done the same. It’s not shocking at all how the casual, cool trainers have taken off and developed a life of their own. Harry Styles  

These Adidas Gazelle Colds are popular among short women. Credit: Adidas Credit: Adidas Adidas Gazelle Bold Shoes
Whether you like Harry Styles or not, if you haven’t already had whiplash from all the new pairs of sneakers popping up, you most likely will soon. Certain sizes are presently sold out, however the website indicates that supplies should return soon.

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Not a drill, this! Harry Styles still has (and sports) some of his One Direction memorabilia, just as I do. The musician shared a gym selfie in an Up All Night 2012 tour tee on his Instagram Stories before swiftly deleting it. But, viewers were still able to screenshot the historically significant moment.

Harry Styles shared a selfie before removing it.

In the eyes of the internet, Emily Malinowski’s romantic life is a never-ending gift. The model and author has shared several photos and videos on social media since divorcing her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClain, including one of her sitting court side at a New York Nicks game with Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live (hint: she was naked), one of her celebrating Valentine’s Day with comedian Eric Andre, and now one of her sharing a kiss with Harry Styles in Tokyo. but daddy i love him shirt

Although Styles had a tonne of choices, his affinity for Adidas has been made abundantly clear by his day-off sightings wandering around the city, his post-concert Instagram photos with the three stripes in plain view, and, reportedly, even on stage for his Love on Tour performances wearing the Gazelles. Clearly, it didn’t take long for Harries to coin that particular trainer design.

Harry Styles March The timeless and functional trainers are also

Whether you like Harry Styles or not, if you haven’t already had whiplash from all the new pairs of sneakers popping up, you most likely will soon.