July 19, 2024

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Use space efficiently with this semi-D interior design company in Malaysia

Semi-Detached houses, or more commonly Semi-D houses, are a great way to strike a perfect balance between being a part of a community and having your privacy. A semi-d house shares a common wall with a neighbouring house. In today’s world of apartment living, semi-d houses provide us with the comfort of living in a bungalow and having our yard. They have become trendy in Malaysia over the last couple of years and are increasingly preferred by families with children and pets.

The only issue with semi-d houses is almost no scope of extension. Most of these houses have strict rules and regulations regarding extensions. Hence, interior designers have to develop innovative ideas while designing or remodelling a semi-d home.

If you are the owner of a semi-d house or planning to own one, we have good news!

Three A’s interior design and décor is a reputable semi d-house interior design company in Malaysia. We have extensive experience working in semi-d houses in Kinrara – Puchong, Bandar Seri Coalfields, Rawang, TTDI, Desa Park City, Cheras, Bandar Tropicana Aman, Eco Grandeur – Bandar Puncak Alam, Gamuda Kemuning and many more.  Click here to browse through our album of semi-d house projects.

Over the years, we developed specific insights while designing interiors for semi-d houses. Let us share some creative ideas on making the best use of available space in your semi-d home.

A functional entryway


The entrance to most semi-d houses is through the yard. This is also the area your guests see first and make an idea about your family. Make use of this entryway. Install the shoe cabinet here and put a bench or a couple of chairs to help people sit and wear the shoes. Place a few potted plants to bring the area to life.

A kitchen with warmth

In the busiest of rooms, the kitchen should be functional and welcoming. Use cabinets and drawers to alleviate the look of the kitchen and store goods. The role of cabinets in setting up the face of the kitchen is often underestimated. Get innovative. If there’s a space constraint, think of vertical shelves for storage.








But do remember, a clean kitchen is a stunning kitchen. No matter how much you cook, always keep the kitchen clean.




A spacious living room

The living room is where a family spends most of the time. This is where most of your guests get comfortable too. Hence, pay special attention to the living room while designing a semi-d house. Go for multifunctional furniture such as a coffee table with drawers or a stool with a hidden cabinet inside. This will create space for items in the living room, such as newspapers, magazines, remotes, play stations.

A cosy bedroom

This should be the most comfortable room in the house. The key to designing a bedroom is to concentrate on storage. Ensure every bit of furniture in the bedroom has some storage solution. Wardrobe design is of crucial importance here. Having under-bed storage can also be very useful. Having functional storage spaces can help you live clutter-free, not to mention their aesthetic value.

A practical home office space

Working from home has become more of a norm than an exception in the last two years. Hence, having a home office is essential because it can directly affect productivity. Plus, one spends an awful lot of time here.

However, not every semi-d house will have a dedicated room for a home office. So, what to do?

Find a cosy corner in the house and designate it as your office space. Install comfortable seating and a functional table with drawers. The key is to treat this as your office and make it enjoyable. Place family pictures on the table, install a small plant, ensure the area is appropriately linked to wifi and pay attention to various functional details.

A well-equipped bathroom

People often do not pay much attention to bathroom storage space, but it is crucial. We keep many things in the bathroom from toiletries to bathroom cleaning tools to electrical equipment. Hence having the right amount of storage space is essential. You can go for open shelves or closed cabinets as per your choice.

However, don’t forget the aesthetic part of it. Paying attention to lighting, keeping a lovely fragrance, a small plant, and a figurine can alleviate the look and feel of your bathroom.

Are you looking for a semi d-house interior design company in Malaysia? We’ve got you covered.

Take advantage of the Three A’s design and décor team’s extensive expertise in semi-d house design and create a home that your family will love to come back to.

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