February 27, 2024

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Tips for Using a Pallet Jack Efficiently and Effectively

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Although pallet jacks are considered versatile material handling equipment, using them appropriately promises the best results. The fact that these machines are easy to operate subjects them to misuse, leading to potential damages and accidents. Training equipment operators to properly handle pallet jacks is a step towards improving warehouse productivity. Without going into details, here are some tips for using a pallet jack effectively and efficiently. 

These Tips Help Minimize Operation Costs, Improve Safety, and Boost Profitability:

  • Inspect Jack for Damage before Use

The first step to efficiently and effectively using pallet jacks is inspecting them for damages. Some equipment may fail due to progressive damages, and catching them earlier saves time and money. Since there are numerous components to check, here are some critical areas.


It is crucial to check for signs of wearing out depending on the type of wheels, whether PVC or rubber. Damaged wheels cause the equipment to veer off course and not run smoothly.

Hydraulic Pump

Before loading the hydraulic pallet lift, please press down the hydraulic to test its functionality. This safety precaution prevents injuries in case of an accident during operations.


The frame is the central part of the pallet jack, and there could be unseen dents and cracks. Frequent inspection shows these signs of damage for timely repair.

  • Stick to the Load Limit

There is a reason why pallet jacks have a load limit. Warehouse operators must stick to the particular load limits. Carrying more than the load limit leads to overbalance, causing the loads to fall over and damaging the equipment. In addition, they may injure the employee transporting goods across the warehouse. Checking the load limit and setting up the pallet jack appropriately with the help of a supervisor before loading heavier goods is crucial.

  • Avoid Ramps

Pallet jacks are ideal for use on flat warehouse surfaces. Employees using them must refrain from transporting heavy weights on inclined surfaces. These inclinations would lead to the SKUs toppling over and causing accidents. They can also slow down operations and affect the warehouse’s bottom line. If there are unavoidable ramps within the facility, the load should be ahead of the driver to maintain a proper balance.

  • Use Breaks Appropriately

Modern pallet jacks have breaks for stopping them in case of an emergency. Alternatively, other pallet jacks use manual stopping mechanisms. Before manually stopping a pallet jack, operators must ensure enough space for a complete stop. Besides, the pallet jack should not block the path of other employees using the area.

  • Never Push the Pallet Jack

The basic construction of the pallet jack indicates that it should be pulled and not pushed. When operating these machines in the warehouse, hauling them allows for better manoeuvrability. Pushing these pallet jacks will exhaust the operator and may affect the visibility of any obstacles. As a result, pushing a pallet jack leads to accidents which cause irreversible damage.

  • Charge Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet trucks are easier to operate and have higher loading and reach capacities than manual pallet jacks. Since they use battery power, appropriately charging them is essential. The standard procedure is to charge the battery for eight hours, let it cool for eight hours and use it for eight hours. By charging these batteries as required, warehouse managers and operators achieve operational efficiency. The electric pallet jacks will not drain power quicker and will sustain operations over prolonged hours.

  • Ensure the Load is Secure and Stable

Stabilizing the transported load is one way to use a hydraulic pallet lift properly. Poorly secured loads can easily fall out during transportation. Such a situation is hazardous, and employees might get hurt by these falling goods. A heavier electric pallet jack might fall on operators, causing spinal and limb injuries.

  • Following Proper Techniques

Proper technique, force and posture are integral to the efficient operation of pallet trucks. They ensure operators maintain good posture to prevent injury and maximize efficiency. Safely operating the pallet truck also prevents overexerting the muscles when lifting and carrying items. Technique and posture trickle down to using the right amount of force when moving SKUs since excessive force strains the back muscles.

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Warehouse material handling operators need constant reminders on how to execute their duties to keep pallet jacks in good condition. The fastest way to lose business is by using faulty machinery that keeps breaking down and increasing downtime. Warehouse managers should regularly train staff to guarantee proper equipment usage.