June 12, 2024

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Things to Know About Pulsar 125 to Buy in 2023

Pulsar 125

Bajaj Auto is known for its success and market share. The brand also has one of the most comprehensive two-wheeler ranges in India.

The Pulsar range is one of the most popular bike brands from Bajaj. The range starts with the Pulsar 125 – one of the best-selling 125 CC motorcycles in India.


Well, there are many things that make the 125 CC Pulsar popular. Some of the Unique Selling Points of the bike will be enunciated in the sections below.

Product placement

The bike is meant for those who want a sports-style commuter bike with a mean street presence.

The bike is aggressively priced

The 125 CC Pulsar is a durable, well-built motorcycle offered at a reasonable price. Bajaj Auto offers the bike in six trims. The base trim costs Rs. 99,966. The top-spec trim costs Rs. 1, 12,438. Please note that both prices mentioned here are ex-showroom and are not indicative of on-road prices.

A bike with back-to-basic packaging offering a raw riding experience

Unlike other pulsar new model ranges, the 125 CC Pulsar comes with basic packaging. But the bike offers a raw riding experience.

The overall aesthetics of the bike are mentioned below.

  • A single-pod headlight flanked by two DRLs.
  • A muscular fuel tank with bolted shrouds on both sides.
  • A side-slung exhaust manifold with the familiar hunky design language.
  • Dual pillion grab rails for the split-seat version.
  • Single-piece pillion grab rail for the single-seat version.

This is a fuel efficient 125 CC sports commuter bike

Bajaj bikes are known for their fuel efficiency. Hence, the 125 CC Pulsar is naturally not an exception. The average owner-claimed mileage of the Pulsar 125 is around 50 KMPL! 

Bajaj recently started offering the bike with an EFI and retired the carburettor that the bike used to come with previously. EFI means Electronic Fuel Injection. The carburettor was replaced by the EFI when the bike was revised to comply with the BS6-emission norms. 

Unmatched performance, ergonomics and street behaviour

The engine of the bike is the result of several years worth of R&D that Bajaj engineers conducted to fine-tune it. 

The latest iteration of the bike comes with a 125 CC engine that has a short power stroke. The dimension of the engine’s bore is similar to the Pulsar 150’s engine bore. A short power stroke and a large bore allow the 125 CC engine to offer best-in-class torque and power outputs.

Furthermore, the engine has a high redline and is tuned to deliver power and torque linearly in all RPM ranges. The engine is also paired with Bajaj-patented DTS-i and ExhausTEC technologies. The peak power and torque outputs of the engine are 12 bhp and 11 Nm respectively. The engine is mated to a smooth shifting 5-speed gearbox and a light wet multiplate clutch.

Ergonomically this bike is no other 125 CC motorcycle. The bike is offered with a raised handlebar and rear-set footrests. These two attributes allow the biker to sit with a comfortable stance. The bike comes with an 800 mm seat height thus allowing easy mounts and dismounts.

The handling of the bike is phenomenal. The suspensions are tuned similarly to the ones found in the Pulsar 150. Hence, the Pulsar 125 is as stable on straight lines and corners, as the Pulsar 150!

The 125 CC Pulsar also has a carbon fibre edition!

Bajaj recently started offering the Pulsar 125 in a Carbon Fibre avatar. This is just a cosmetic upgrade to keep buyers interested in the bike.

The bike comes with carbon fibre-like decals. Paint options available for this variant of the bike are blue and red.

The decals on both paint options will be in black. The bike will be available in both split and regular seat variants.

The carbon fibre-like graphics are applied on the following parts of the bike.

  • The Fuel tank
  • The headlight cowl
  • The fuel tank shrouds
  • The rear panel
  • The engine cowl and
  • The alloy wheel stripes of the bike.

To learn more about the bike, visit the nearest Bajaj bike dealership today.