June 15, 2024

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The 6 Advantages of Using Lizol Floor Cleaner in Your Restaurant

lizol floor cleaner 5 ltr

Do you know that maximum pathogens or microbes thrive on floors?

Although you regularly clean the clothes twice daily, can you guarantee that the surface remains 100% safe and hygienic throughout the day?

No. Never. Reason being, germs and harmful elements remain adhered to the floors even after you clean the surface. These microorganisms often thrive and multiply in grouts, broken floors, cracks, and other areas. Since you cannot clean these places, eliminating the disease-causing germs become next to impossible.

Keeping everything spotless and hygienic, whether the kitchen floors or the dining area, is essential when you have a restaurant. But the question is, which disinfectant floor cleaner will yield maximum results? To answer this question, we have explained the best product to keep the restaurant floors clean and hygienic.

Why Do You Need to Keep Restaurant Floors Clean?

Before learning about the best floor cleaner 5 ltr available in the market, let’s first know its importance. After all, you must know the benefits of using a floor cleaner and why it is considered above regular products.

  1. First and foremost, a floor cleaner removes maximum germs and microbes from surfaces, grouts, and many other hidden and inaccessible places. As a result, your restaurant will be free of disease-causing microorganisms, allowing you to serve food to your customers without worrying.
  2. The kitchen floors mostly remain wet. As a result, waterborne bacteria and protozoa thrive, making the ambiance extremely harmful. You can eliminate such an environment by using the best floor cleaning solution.
  3. When you let water stand on the floor for a long time, it can make the surface slippery. This will not only cause accidents but can severely injure someone. You must use a proper floor cleaner five ltr solution.

Lizol — The Best Floor Cleaner for Restaurants

Do you know the best floor cleaner 5 ltr in the market?

If not, you might be deprived of some of the most notable benefits. Multiple products of similar nature are available in the market, but they have yet to show the same efficiency and potency as Lizol. This brand has become a common name for residential and commercial areas, especially in restaurants and cafes.

You can find Lizol in so many different forms at a physical store or online shopping platforms that getting the solution for your restaurant won’t be a problem.

Six Benefits of Using Lizol Floor Cleaner for Restaurant

Some people have different perceptions or purposes. That’s why someone else’s choice of floor cleaning solution might be irrelevant to your restaurant. If you want to use the Lizol floor cleaner 5 ltr solution, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Natural and Long-lasting Fragrance

You will be amazed that such a reputed and preferred floor cleaning solution is available in four different fragrances. These are:

  1. Violet-colored Lizol: Lavender fragrance
  2. Pink-colored Lizol: Jasmine and rose fragrances
  3. Yellow-colored Lizol: Lemon fragrance
  4. Green-colored Lizol: Neem fragrance

The fragrance is extracted from natural sources without any artificial chemicals. It won’t cause any harm to your respiratory health that other cleaners can do due to the presence of aerosols. Also, the scents will stay mixed in the air for a long time. 

  • Gentle and Mild Cleaning Solution

The Lizol floor cleaner 5 ltr is gentle and mild. If your restaurant kitchen has a sensitive floor made from delicate materials like granite, exposed concrete, or so on, you can easily use Lizol. Its formulation does not contain any harmful ingredients that could harm anyone. 

  • Eliminates 99.9% of Germs from Floors

As per the claims, the Lizol cleaning solution can eliminate approximately 99.9% of germs from floor surfaces. It is formulated so that germs like bacteria, protozoa, and fungi can be killed and stopped from growing by all means. This will help you keep food and another ingredient safe from infestation. You can serve fresh, healthy, and safe food to your guests.

  • Affordable Floor Cleaner

Lizol is highly affordable. Its affordability is one of the many reasons you should get this cleaning solution. Sometimes, the company even offers special discounts on bulk purchases, like 20% off buying a combo pack of Lizol floor cleaner 5 ltr and 1 ltr. 

  • Ideal for Different Floor Surfaces

Not every restaurant has the same floor surface. For instance, the kitchen can have a slightly rougher surface texture, while the dining area might have a slippery, smooth floor surface. You can use Lizol since it works wonder on almost all types of floor surfaces with varying texture and smoothness.

  • Available in Multiple Volume Options

Lastly, you can find the cleaners in various volume options. You can get the 2 ltr bottle for a small dining area, while for a larger kitchen restaurant, the 5 ltr jar will be best suited.


You must meet industry regulations and health standards to run your restaurant successfully. You should adopt the best ways and incorporate 100% hygiene and cleanliness. Use Lizol floor cleaner 5 ltr since it kills 99.9% germs, comes in various volume combinations, and has natural fragrances.