June 15, 2024

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Tapan Mali: Driving Success and Diversification at Green Orchid Group

Tapan Mali, the visionary owner of Green Orchid Group, has lived what he preaches; his company proves that successful diversification leads to success. The vision he had for his company is living proof that diversification spurs success, which is the driving force behind Green Orchid Group’s growth.

As a young entrepreneur, he made his name in the leading industry of real estate, and today, he has a strong presence in real estate, agriculture, logistics, planners, and earth movers. He owns several landmark projects in Guwahati and other cities in Assam.


Tapan Mali and His Vision For The Future of Assam Real Estate

  • Green Orchid Group’s prime objective is to pioneer the real estate sector and contribute to building a modern state capital by developing several residential colonies and commercial complexes in Assam.
  • Tapan Mali’s vision for Assam’s future is that people live a comfortable life as they do in the West; this will only be possible when the entire state is developed. He has reduced the cost of living by providing top services like housing, education and entertainment at affordable prices.
  • Green Orchid Group is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which Tapan Mali has always ensured. He believes success in any issue involves being fair and honest to business partners.
  • Tapan Mali Mirza recognized the importance of land in creating value, which is why he has been making it a point to develop several townships and complexes in Guwahati and other major cities in Assam. He plans to build more residential real estate to provide affordable residential units for lower and middle-class families.
  • Tapan Mali’s business philosophy is that if one does not establish a strong presence, he will lose the race quickly since consolidating a position takes much more time than growing fast.
  • That is how he has built Green Orchid Group into a powerful organization in Assam with 32 years of experience. He has always ensured he was ahead of the curve by having new ideas and approaches to managing his company.
  • Tapan Mali Green Orchid has always capitalized on his strengths, so he did not want to depend on just one business sector; he wanted his company to be diversified and stronger through many divisions.


The Difference Tapan Mali Has Made in Current Developments

  • Tapan Mali is fully aware of the current trends in the real estate business and has ensured that company is prepared for any situation. He has encouraged his people to develop new ventures to add value to his company.
  • He is an expert in real estate and knows that being ahead of the curve will make him stand out from competitors in the market.
  • Tapan Mali Barkuchi prepared for current trends in the real estate business by diversifying his business portfolio. He uses this as a strategy to capitalize on different opportunities in real estate with different opportunities.
  • Mali knows that the market is changing and ensured that company is well-prepared for future trends. He believes in doing things differently, even if it means doing them better.


The Different Businesses Under Tapan Mali’s Management

  • He has always made it a point to bring out a strong team that can work together. To make him the most successful entrepreneur in the real estate business.
  • Tapan Mali Guwahati has always taken advantage of any opportunity he has presented in the market. He is diversified in real estate, agriculture, logistics, planners and earth movers.
  • He has established and expanded business portfolio through strategic acquisitions.
  • That is why he is always ahead of the curve with many new ventures like housing, entertainment and education.
  • Tapan Mali’s important strength is he has always been able to strike a balance between the company’s different divisions. That allows him to capitalize on all opportunities in the real estate business, making him a respected entrepreneur.
  • Tapan Mali Barkuchi committed to company and always made it a point to keep up with current market trends. He believes that being successful comes down to doing things properly as well as doing them on time.



Tapan Mali has been able to build a strong business for himself and Assam by being diversified. The ability to create value for business has made him an admired entrepreneur. Company has grown from strength to strength, so he is a respected leader in Assam. His vision for the future of Assam real estate and his company has made him a successful entrepreneur. He has also developed a strong team of skilled professionals who work together to provide great results for their clients.