March 3, 2024

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Step-by-step instructions on how to pass on the right without a driving school

driving school

driving school

The ability to independently learn to drive a car was cancelled in the fall of 2013. Now, to pass on the rights, you need a certificate of graduation from an educational institution for drivers. However, you can take the exams themselves regardless of the driving school. Shall we try?

Three necessary conditions for obtaining rights

Five years ago, many driver candidates preferred to refuse the services of a driving school, undergoing external training. They independently crammed the rules of the road using textbooks from the nearest bookstore, and studied in the field outside the city with a friend or relative. Their goal is clear – by eliminating the intermediary in the person of a driving school, to save as much money as possible.

The lack of the necessary knowledge and skills led to numerous accidents, so the traffic police made a strong-willed decision, banning self-taught people from undergoing certification from November 2013. To get admission to the driving licence exam, you must have a document on the successful completion of a driving school. This applies even to those who already have a driver’s licence, but it became necessary to open another category. students and where you may have already passed exams. There you will be helped to recover the lost document. It is necessary to do this, because the inspector simply will not allow you to take the exams without a certificate.

certificate of completion of a driving school

In addition to a certificate of completion of a driving school, a medical certificate will be required from a driver candidate to pass the exam for the rights . A life hack on how to get through psycho-neurological and narcological dispensaries not at the place of registration can be found here . After that, with pieces of paper from PND and ND, visit a private medical centre to go through the rest of the specialists and get a medical opinion. We wrote more about which doctors still have to visit in this article .

You must also be at least 18 years of age to obtain a driver’s licence . However, you can unlearn and pass exams for rights a year earlier. We have described the features of teaching minors here . Who cares, welcome.

Use the link to apply for the test.

If you have all the necessary documents in your hands, but you don’t want to take exams with a driving school, then you need to detach yourself from the educational institution and go through this thorny path alone.

You can take the exam for rights at any convenient time, as long as all the documents are on hand. Even 10 years after graduation . However, if you have completed your studies quite recently, then it is advised not to delay for two reasons. First, driving skills are lost. Then, in order to remember which pedal to press, you will have to take additional classes with an instructor 🙂 And this is an extra financial expense. Secondly, the medical certificate is valid for only a year, which means that you will need to pass the driver’s medical examination again. Another loss of money. Do you need it?

Registration For Exams

So, the next step is to register the driving school for the exam. Of course, you can accomplish this by paying a personal visit to the traffic police division, which is actively conducting examinations. However, it is easier and faster to sign up for delivery through the portal. On the site you can choose a convenient examination unit of the traffic police and the date of the visit. The day of the examination, you just need to arrive at the scheduled time; you don’t need to wait in a huge line.

If you haven’t figured out how to sign up for the exam on your own, then you are here for detailed instructions . By the way, students of driving schools often complain about the lack of free time to take the exam. So, when registering through, you can easily “catch windows’ ‘ without leaving your home (sometimes it happens that someone signs up for an exam, and then refuses to attend). In addition, if you are not tied to a specific department of the State traffic inspectorate, then check if there may be a more suitable time for you to take the exam in another REO of the traffic police. And the biggest plus of recording through, of course, the opportunity to get a decent 30% discount when paying the state duty (14000 instead of 20000 rupees).

We note right away that the registration for a retake on the State Services portal, if, of course, you need it, occurs in the same order as during the first test.

Car for an exam in the traffic police

As you may have guessed, in order to pass the driving test, you need a car with dual controls (that is, having a second set of brake and clutch pedals). If you rent with a driving school, then this issue does not bother you at all. Typically, educational institutions bring to the exam cars that their students learned to drive, which greatly facilitates the exam tests. This, perhaps, is the main plus of the so-called “escort to the traffic police.” You can read about other advantages and disadvantages of this service here .

The situation is different with those who came to take their rights by gravity. There are two options here.

The traffic police have their own training cars for the exam

This is the easiest option (however, it is almost unrealistic for the capital). In this case, you do not have to look for a car for delivery in advance in driving school. If suddenly you are lucky, and in the traffic police department where you plan to take the exam, there are training cars available, we advise you to clarify in advance which cars we are talking about.

Indeed, for a novice driver, it is very important that the car is as close as possible to the one on which he studied. Especially in such a stressful situation as an exam. In the traffic police departments, you can see completely different cars – from modern and brand new Ford Focus to the “killed” Zhiguli (in especially difficult cases, even without power steering – and you still need to get used to this). Therefore, if the car is significantly different from the training one, we advise you to find an instructor with a similar car and take a couple of additional classes. Just so you don’t have to worry about the delivery.

The traffic police do not have their own training cars for the exam

The situation is more complicated, but also solvable. In this case, you will have to negotiate with a driving school that rents that day. Or personally with some kind of instructor. Sometimes this issue is decide by the traffic police themselves. They “plant” those who came by gravity to the passing group of the driving school. You will only have to pay for the services of car delivery (usually 1500-2000 rubles).

The saddest thing in both options. Is that you are completely unaware of which car you will have to hand over. But you knew what you were getting into when you chose not to take your exams with a driving school.

Of course, the legality of such an event to search for a car for an exam is in doubt. After all, it turns out that without its own fleet, the traffic police cannot provide the service on its own. However, this is reality.

Preparation is everything

And, of course, in order to successfully pass the exam at the traffic police and get a driver’s licence. You need to prepare. After all, it is not so difficult to get rights:

if you are well verse in the rules of traffic rules and practice daily. Answering exam problems in the application on your mobile phone. And did not hope that you would just guess the answers;

if you have practiced a lot and with ease, without knocking down the racks. You can park in parallel or drive into the “garage”;

if you have “rehearsed” driving along the training route. And in such a way that pedestrians and other motorists do not rush away from you. Sometimes at the exams there is a feeling that some of the candidates for drivers generally. Got behind the wheel for the first time, although they pass only on cars that they studied with an instructor. Good luck!

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