April 21, 2024

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Setting Up and Using Plan Management with the NDIS: The SupportAbility Method

NDIS Plan Management

Did you know that the number of active participants in the NDIS was at 518,668 in March 2022? That is not all. This figure increased from 502,413, as recorded on 31st December 2021. These figures show how helpful the NDIS is to people living with a disability in Australia. However, the NDIS plan needs management to be fitting and successful for participants.

The Support Ability method helps carers and participants with invoicing, claiming, and general plan management to ensure services suit the participant. Before using software to make the management process smoother, here is a look into the meaning of plan management. 

What is Plan Management NDIS?

Participants can access providers to help them with fund management in the NDIS plan. The funding given by the NDIA covers a participant’s expenses, as stipulated by the individual. If this money is not properly spread out, a participant might lack support and services they need urgently. Having a plan manager differs from doing self-management or having the NDIA manage your funds. 

Before getting a plan manager, go through the NDIS plan management guide to help understand the following:

  • The responsibilities of plan managers 
  • What to expect from NDIS plan management 

The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Using the NDIS Plan Management Feature in SupportAbility (for Plan Managers):

Step 1 – Go to System Preferences and enter the organisation’s provider registration number 

Step 2 – Confirm that the selected service is the NDIS Financial plan management service 

Step 3 –  Set up general ledger codes for external invoices 

Step 4 – Check the invoice number formatting for external invoices 

Step 5 – Give all the staff needing access to the management functionality account privileges 

Step 6 – Ensure all clients have the services listed under the client service participation 

Step 7 – Configure all NDIS plan-managed funding records for clients 

Step 8 – Create a shared contact record for creditors and service providers 

Step 9 – Enter external invoices received on the client’s tab 

Step 10 – Create an external invoice batch for all invoices with a sign-off 

Step 11 – Create client-only activities for invoice generation (for NDIS plan management fees)

Step 12 – Generate bulk payment requests for submission 

How to Set Up Plan Management

Firstly, you plan a meeting with the NDIS team. During the meeting, you express your desire and need for a plan manager. Doing so makes it easy for the NDIS to include funding for a plan manager. The price of the plan manager is aside from the budget for your services and ndis supports coordination. Still, if you’re unsure about using a plan manager from the get-go, you can contact the NDIS mid-plan. The NDIS staff will give you directions on how to get funding for a plan manager. Another common concern is how to get a plan manager. 

Fortunately, various sources are available out there to help find a manager. Participants can use their Local Area Coordinator, friends or family, and online resources to look for reliable managers. Then, after getting a suitable plan manager, participants must create a service agreement. This agreement lists the services provided, the means they will use and how long they will be your plan manager. 

How Plan Managers Use SupportAbility for NDIS Support Coordination

A plan manager controls funding, participants get the best out of their NDIS plan. To do so effectively, they use SupportAbility, which has several benefits. Before anything else, SupportAbility is a cloud-based NDIS software, easy to use for NDIS staff and plan managers.

Here are a few ways the software helps with plan management:

  • NDIS claiming and invoicing 
  • Generating goal progress reports
  • Managing clients’ goals 
  • Encouraging collaboration between carers   
  • Ensuring compliance with NDIS price changes 
  • Alerting about low balances and other issues 
  • Handling plan reviews 

Plan management is a necessity to ensure the proper use of funds. At the same time, using SupportAbility makes the process easier and more effective. Besides, the software is a must-have for companies handling multiple NDIS clients since it helps keep up with bulk payments.