February 23, 2024

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Rustic Interior Decor Ideas & Inspiration for 2023

The rustic style is distinguished by its ability to transport us to the past and that’s why we love it so much. By referring to nature and country houses, it brings a brown of nostalgia into an interior. Sometimes bullied for its somewhat old-fashioned spirit, it is not, however, because it has managed to reinvent itself over the years. Many variations exist today, ranging from rustic chic decoration to the countryside universe through the bohemian style. Loving bright spaces, old furniture, simple decorations, natural materials and soft colors, he restores character, softness and warmth in our living rooms. It thus marks its great return to our facilities. Decryption of this trend and the different ways to adopt it at home.

When we think of the rustic decorative style, we inevitably associate it with wood. And he is indeed the star of this decorative universe which must be at the center of the layout. Through furniture, walls, beams and accessories, solid wood is added copiously in a rustic country decoration. A tribute to the vintage and old furniture of our grandparents, solid wood furniture is making a comeback to furnish the different spaces of the house. This noble material irremediably evokes authenticity, nature and tranquillity. Perfect for warming up an atmosphere, it comes in many species used by cabinetmakers and manufacturers. Oak, beech, pine and other European species are preferred, but nothing prevents betting on exotic woods. Note also that the finish of the wood plays a lot on its appearance, which is why oiled, waxed or raw woods are the favorites of this style of decoration. Wood stained or painted white is also very popular, because it will bring a luminous side in contrast to the massive and compact aspect of this material.

Always with a view to natural materials, bamboo, rattan and wicker can also find a place. By adding small touches, they refine the decoration by reinforcing the natural side of the place.

Stone is also a favorite material in the country style. A section of stone wall in a living room or a dining room will make all the difference if it is well worked and highlighted. Reminder of old houses and farmhouses, the stone will enhance a rustic decoration.

Rustic style for any room

Not jealous! All the rooms in the house are suitable for this decorative universe even if our preferences go to the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen. A short review of the different options to give you some inspiration.

In the living room

A rustic-inspired living room is a comforting and pleasant space in which you feel good in summer and winter alike. Organized around a fireplace or a wood stove, it invites you to take a break after work and on weekends, especially for discussion sessions with friends around a massive wooden coffee table, complete with seats. comfortable as fabric armchairs. For the rustic sofa, the preference goes to models with pine structure. A mix of wood and light fabric will be perfect for dressing up this living room with a touch of softness and authenticity. On the storage side, it is possible to complete with slightly more classic furniture or to arrange with recovered furniture such as a beautiful workbench for example, on which we affix multiple decorative objects.

In the dining room

The organization of a beautiful rustic dining room is done around the traditional dining table. For the latter, solid wood models are in the spotlight thanks in particular to monastery tables or long solid oak tables reminiscent of country houses. Trays with irregular edges or aged and worn effects should not scare us, as they reinforce this raw and noble aspect. The chairs and armchairs that accompany it can be matched in the same wood species, but you can why not opt ​​for more modern metal seats, for example for a nice contrast. The addition of bulky storage furniture is one more point in favor of a beautiful Nordic decor like a large sideboard.

In the kitchen

For a charming kitchen with a rustic influence, the objective is to provide a friendly and warm setting. Combining more contemporary furniture and accessories with antique furniture is not always easy. Browse collection here at homary.com! But it is not mission impossible, far from it. The modern cooking range with a solid wood worktop will give an excellent aesthetic result. If you prefer the total rustic look, the old-fashioned dressers, the old counters and the second-hand sideboard will be the best able to meet your expectations. If you have a central island, attention should be paid to the top and the various storage spaces it offers. You should also not hesitate to hang your most beautiful kitchen utensils (cutting boards, pots, spoons) to showcase them.

In the bedroom

In a bedroom with a country atmosphere, the spotlight is once again given to natural materials. A solid wood bed sets the tone of the arrangement, whether it is made of oak or beech. Associated with a large and beautiful headboard, it generates character in a rustic decoration. For a mountain spirit and a bit of a chalet, why not force the line by also adding a wardrobe and a chest of drawers in the same wood and the same finish as the bed. It is also possible to opt for white facades which will bring a luminous note. If all the furniture is in raw wood, care is taken to bring light colours, whether through beautiful light-coloured linen bed linen or white walls which will nuance the warm appearance of the furniture and the parquet.

The choice of rustic furniture

The selection of furniture for the arrangement of a rustic decoration is essential. We do not skimp here on the dimensions thanks to furniture with generous shapes, straight and massive lines with a somewhat rough appearance. The “rule of the game” is to keep the retro lines of pieces of yesteryear. This is why antique furniture and flea markets are so popular. There is of course the classic furniture that we have seen for the different parts of the house. But you can also choose slightly more original furniture that is off the beaten track. Among them, rarer pieces such as the jam maker, the ragpicker, the seed rack, the wooden workbenches or other craft furniture that are once again entering our interiors.