March 4, 2024

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Removed selfie by Harry Styles: Reasons

A Direction er is a Direction er forever.

Every outfit Harry Styles wears makes headlines. His reckless fashion choices only increase his popularity in the eyes of his devoted following, whether he’s wearing a dress or a Halloween costume. You might argue that Styles’ sense of style is what he’s been renowned for in recent years—at least prior to the Don’t Worry Darling press tour—but GO fans are aware that his love of fashion dates back far further. but daddy i love him shirt

Tumble served as the social network where so-called “Directionless” discovered community and collectively became enamored with the British boy band in the early years of One Direction, where Styles got his start. Even I had a Tumble for the 1 and fashion intersection. (Now look at me!) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Many infatuated teens would single out, document, critique, and restyle each piece of clothes worn by the males on blogs and social media profiles alike.

Simply speaking, Styles wasn’t always into fashion. As the band and its followers aged, his original ensemble of khakis, plain white tees, and blazers changed into ultra-skinny jeans, graphic T-shirts, and hats. Each member of 1 experienced his own fashion growth between its inception in 2010 and its (devastating) end in 2016. The evolution of Styles’ wardrobe since turning independent? It is unavoidable.

Designer Ed Lee refers to celebrity stylist Harry Lambert, who is well-known for clothing the Grammy-winning musician, when he adds, “If we’re talking about Harry Styles, we have to talk about Harry Lambert.” When Lambert started styling the artist in 2014, Lee collaborated with “The Harry.” When Lambert contacted him to use the young designer’s items for editorial shoots, he had just received his diploma from London’s famed Central Saint Martins. I was panicking, Lee recalls. “For a brief moment, I wondered if that email was spam.” Lambert soon began working with Styles and continued to visit Lee.

The floral shirt Harry Styles is sporting

Lee places a high importance on fluidity and flexible thinking in design. He claims that a key component of his strategy is a lack of rigidity. I think the fabrics are speaking to me, he says. The fabric is where his method starts. He priorities the material before sketching, draping, or cutting. “I think you ought to be at ease. For me, that comes first when designing. Before that, it’s all about comfort,” Lee adds. “Then, on top of that, you have aesthetic effects. “To me, the feel of the clothing is incredibly significant. Harry Styles Merch

He recalls that “[Styles] opted to wear one blouse I really liked for a show in the Philippines.” “I specifically created that print for him for [the event].” Not many famous people, especially not many guys, will choose a bright yellow flowered shirt because it has this large flower and has a sort of tropical feel to it. I’m not sure what else could be foreshadowing if this. Tomorrow, Harry Styles could dress in a floral skirt and no one would be shocked. However, he didn’t always wear such a diverse range of clothing; this was when he started experimenting with fashion.

Lee explains, “I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. The then-emerging pop sensation may have felt constrained by the standards set for boy bands at the time, but he still found ways to explore within those confines, says Lee, who adds, “I was really honored to be chosen by them…from what I know, Harry Styles definitely has his own style.”