July 20, 2024

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Preventing Steps To Avoid A Tyre Blow-Out- Explained!

flat tyre

However, a tyre blowout is never beneficial in many ways, whether it is being stranded on the highway or being involved in an unfortunate accident.

It is critical to avoid popping out a tyre while keeping the severity of the damage in mind. But how can you do this when there are consequences? Though prevention is a strong word to take into consideration, not every factor behind a tyre blowout is beyond an individual’s control.

Nevertheless, first understand.

What is a tyre blowout?

Usually, people hear about a flat tyre, which is a slow loss of air pressure. There is always enough time to deal with the problem, either by fixing the puncture or applying another remedy. Tyre blowout, on the other hand, is a sudden loss of air that can damage the tread and sidewalls of a tyre.

In most cases, you would be able to drive a car if you had a flat tyre, but a blown tyre does not give you that option. It could be hazardous in the event of a collision. Though it could happen to any tyre, some tyres, specifically old ones, are more at risk and need some sort of attention. A sudden boom in the front or rear may be inconvenient, and you may lose control.

Be a step ahead by understanding these essential points.

Avoid excessive riding on the damaged roads

Tyre rubber possesses enough robustness to deal with the atrocities of bad roads. But there is a limit, and excessive exposure would definitely hurt a tyre. A bad road is often full of potholes, debris, and even harmful objects. While excessive driving over potholes would definitely damage them considerably, a sharp object has the potential to blow a tyre instantly.

Similarly, driving your vehicle on the shattered stones or glass may hurt your vehicle. Though it is not feasible to fix the road individually, one thing you can do is avoid harsh driving, especially over potholes or around debris.

In the case of an old tyre, you should be more vigilant while driving on rough roads. You should avoid such a road if you can.

Never ride with a punctured tyre

Punctures are inevitable when you run on a road. A tyre might get poked by a nail or any other sharp object at any time. A punctured tyre does not suddenly blow, but rather gradually leaks air. But such a tyre has all sorts of risks of blowing out, especially when it has lost considerable air pressure.

Most of the time, you can’t tell if a tyre has a puncture unless you have to fill it up more frequently than usual. A punctured tyre is indicated by an air loss of more than a few times. It is also critical to visually inspect tyres for anything out of the ordinary, such as a glass slice or a piece of small metallic debris poking through the rubber.

You might be able to avoid a risky and expensive tyre blowout with just a quick visual inspection and repair. Think of “Service My Car” as an immediate aid by calling for roadside assistance.

Never keep your car’s tyres underinflated

Tyres run optimally at a particular pressure of air. Tyre blast is always a possibility when air pressure is high.

On the other hand, a tyre that is under-inflated won’t function either. Because a tyre’s traction extends unintentionally when it runs on low air, it must stretch to move a car when this happens. Because of this, any sharp object could easily tear the tyre’s outer surface.

If you are unsure of how much air a car tyre needs, you can check the owner’s manual or a sticker on the driver’s side of your car, close to the door frame.

Never delay replacing old tyres

Old tyres are at the highest risk of blowing out. Under normal circumstances, a tyre may last more than five years. In fact, it depends on how you run your vehicle. Do you use it for commuting, making frequent long trips, or just occasionally?

Besides, uneven wear and tear also put your car tyres at risk of a blow out. If you have not rotated tyres as per recommendation, there is high risk of uneven wear and tear.

Get in touch with Service My Car offers for any tyre services to be safe on the road.

Never overload your vehicle

Though, excessive weight is not a great risk, but it might be threat if your vehicle is running on old tyres. In such a situation, overload is not good news to a vehicle.

There is no point of putting excess load when you go for long trips. It is definitely a step towards safety.

Never ignore the wheel alignment

Wheel misalignment usually has an adverse impact over a car’s tyre. If you ride a vehicle in wheel misalignment, the tyres usually sustain too much wear and tear and especially in an uneven manner.

Though, it is easy to visit a nearby Service My Car centre and opt for a wheel alignment by an expert.

By considering these points, you are definitely making a firm step into your safety. Service My Car is here to help you for any car maintenance when you book a car service online. Or, order car repair quote on our website or app.

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