May 21, 2024

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Management Principles of Henri Fayol You Must Know Before Assignment Writing

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Henri Fayol, known as the “father of modern management theory,” introduced fourteen principles of management that play a significant role in any organisation, business, or company. Such theories help with internal management and guide a manager on how to deal with different scenarios or circumstances.

But when it comes to college- or university-going students, what is the role of such management principles?

Pondering over it?

It is mandatory to have in-depth knowledge of concepts and theories because these are the fundamentals on which management runs. If a student is having difficulty understanding the foundations, seeking management assignment help is the best solution. Are you interested in learning more about it? The upcoming section talks in detail about them.


Fourteen Principles of Henry Fayol That Need Your Attention!

Here are fourteen principles that help in leveraging managerial efficiency:

Division of Work

Division of work is the first principle of management, which says there should be an allocation of work among different workers or employees of a respective organization. The distribution of the work improves productivity and efficiency and helps achieve organisational goals and objectives. The principle applies both in the technical and management fields.

Authority and Responsibility

In any organisation or company, work does not get finished until and unless there is authority and responsibility. Authority means having the power to allocate the task to the workforce and take updates to check on the progress and status. On the other hand, responsibility means enduring any work and completing it with full sincerity and discipline.



Discipline is the key to success. A manager will assign several tasks to the workforce, but until and unless there is a sense of discipline, they will not accomplish them. It is a crucial factor, and one must be responsible enough to understand their responsibility or duty towards their work. They must be aware of time management tricks and tips to complete the work assigned.


Unity of Command

Imagine getting instructions on a particular subject from two professors. Would you be able to stand on both expectations?

No, it is impossible to listen to both at the same time. This is what unity of command states: if there is a worker or an employee, they must get instructions from only one boss. Statements from two or more authoritative parties create a sense of confusion and become a hurdle in the accomplishment of the task.


Unity of Direction

Unity of direction states that every worker working in an organisation or for a particular project must have one goal and one motive. It builds a sense of unity, harmony, integrity, and peace among the workers and makes the task easier and more attainable to achieve. Unity of purpose promotes the organization’s reputation and image in the eyes of the public.


Subordination of Individual Interest

Subordination of individual interest states that a company must prioritise peers over individuals. It entails listening to or considering everyone’s reasons and motives, but the decision should ultimately be in favour of the institution. It refers to the whole chain of command.



Remuneration is the driving force behind the extra effort and hard work. It can be in monetary or non-monetary form, but it excites a particular employee to work beyond their will and mood. Also, it states that there should be no biases in terms of salary or pay following personal grudges and conflicts. Every employee, regardless of the situation, should be paid equally.



Centralization states incorporate the opinions and viewpoints of all employees while concentrating decision-making power in the hands of a single person or a higher authority. It allows for better execution or application of the policies and norms and also states that there should be a balance between hierarchy and the division of power.


Scalar Chain

Scalar chain theory states that every employee should know the hierarchy from top to bottom. They should know whom to contact or go to when there is a problem or query. There should be no point of confusion between employees and top managers because it wastes the time and effort of both parties. So clear-cut instructions should be provided at the beginning of any task for smooth and flawless work.



Every employee in a company has the right to communicate and issue or receive orders. It sounds similar to a scalar chain, but there is a minor difference. Giving orders from the top to the bottom of an organisation is referred to as a scalar chain. On the other hand, the order can be from a middle or lower hierarchy. It promotes a positive work culture and environment, thus boosting efficiency and productivity.



Equity means treating every employee equally. Discrimination is a common issue that employees can feel in a corporation. Caste, creed, colour, or race can be the reason for such bias. It is the responsibility of the higher authorities to keep a close eye on every activity and ensure that no employee feels embarrassed or ashamed for belonging to a particular community or religion.



Stability means a person can continue the system without unexpected changes or transformations. An employee strives for stability. Everyone desires a prosperous career and a great future ahead. It is the responsibility of the top hierarchy to assure good employees of their job position. Job security is the crucial aspect an employee looks for. Workers should be confident in their abilities to perform a specific task. If you are someone who desires to be static with your academic projects, seeking assignment writing services can be the best solution.



The ability to take the initiative is a critical factor in achieving fame. Managers must insist on or urge their respective employees to step forward and communicate their ideas and beliefs. They should be motivating and push the workers to express what they feel or think about a particular topic. Taking the initiative may be a daunting or difficult job at first, but it builds self-confidence and character. It lowers your fear and gives you the courage to represent your personality.


Espirit De Corps

No employee can work in an organisation where the environment is negative and people make blunders over the smallest things. Espirit de Corps states that to work in an office mutually or with friends, it is imperative to build a positive environment. If a manager finds the atmosphere or environment negative, it is their responsibility or obligation to observe the inside miscommunication and find an ideal way to deal with things.

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