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Lactose Intolerance Diet Plan


Selecting the proper menu for lactose intolerance diet is not a difficult thing for you. You can buy the products in the supermarket – усе для кондитерів. You need to consider is ingredients of each product that are included in your list. Whether the product is safe for consumption as a menu of your lactose intolerance diet.

Безлактозное молоко: польза, вред, отличия от обычного

Products to Help Digest Lactose

There is good news for you who have lactose intolerance; there are ways to help digest the lactose in your body. The first: add 50-10 drops of lactase enzyme into a quart of milk and let stand for 24 hours before you drink. These enzymes can digest the lactose in milk. The second way is by chewing and swallowing Lactaid tablet before your meal.

You can buy Lactaid milk at the nearest store. In this product, lactose is already broken down. if you can not digest lactose in any amount you should need to add lactase enzyme drops into it. You can include Lactaid milk in your lactose intolerance diet plan. You need to try to drink this milk and see if you tolerate or not.

Lactose intolerance diet plan

It is quite a dilemma when you are invited by colleagues to a restaurant where there are many menus that you do not know the lactose content of each menu offered. This table bellow can help you easier to choose foods that fit with your lactose tolerance limits, see table lactose intolerance diet plan from trusted source.


Foods Allowed Foods to Avoid
Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs

All eggs, beef, chicken, fish,
shellfish, turkey, lamb, veal, pork,
ham; lunch meat with allowed
ingredients; kosher meat products

Creamed or breaded meat, fish or
poultry; sausage products; non-kosher
frankfurters; lunch meats made with
lactose, casein, caseinates, whey, whey
products or non-fat dry milk products;
cheese, omelets and soufflés made with
Bread Products
Cereals made without milk;
homemade or packaged bread made
without milk; plain saltine or graham
crackers; pretzels; macaroni;
spaghetti; rice and bagels.
Breads or cereals made with milk,
casein, caseinates, whey, whey products
or non-fat dry milk solids; prepared
mixes such as muffin, biscuit, waffle or
pancake mixes; croutons (made with
non-fat milk solids).
Margarine and salad dressings made
without milk or dairy; vegetables oils;
shortening; Rich’s Whipped Topping
or other non-dairy products; peanut
Margarine and salad dressings made
with milk products; butter; cream;
cream cheese; peanut butter made with
milk product fillers; sour cream.
Clear soups; bouillon; vegetable
soups; consommés; homemade cream
soups made with non-dairy creamers.
Canned soups made with added milk
products; cream soups; chowders.
All fresh, canned frozen or dried fruit.
Fruits mixed with milk products, i.e.,
strawberries and cream.
All fresh, frozen, canned vegetables
unless listed to avoid; instant potatoes
made without milk.
Frozen or canned vegetables made with
milk products; creamed or breaded
vegetables. Foods Allowed
Water and fruit ices; gelatin; angel
food cake; homemade cakes, cookies,
pies made without dairy products.
Ready to make cake and cookie mixes;
custard; puddings; sherbets; ice cream;
any desserts containing chocolate; pie
crust made with butter or whey / whey
Carbonated drinks; coffee; freeze
dried coffee; fruit drinks; reduced
lactose milk, LactAid; non-dairy
coffee creamer; tea; wine; Ensure,
Cordials, liqueurs; drinks made with
chocolate; malted milk powder; some
cocoa powders; milk (whole, low fat,
skim, dried, evaporated, condensed,
buttermilk and cream); instant and/or
gourmet coffees with added milk
Soy sauce; carob powder; popcorn;
pure sugar candy; jelly; honey; jam;
marmalade; sugar; corn syrup; gravy
made with water; Baker’s coca;
pickles; pure seasonings and spices;
Toffee; butterscotch; caramels; dietetic
and diabetic products made with milk
products; spice blends made with milk
product; yogurt; chocolate.


Lactose is the sugar in milk and its absorption requires the presence of an enzyme in the intestinal wall, called lactase.

Lactose intolerance is the inability to absorb lactose in milk when reducing the amount of this enzyme in the intestine. Lactose intolerance can occur after abdominal radiation therapy or after treatment with certain chemotherapy drugs or certain antibiotics.

Here we offer a number of lactose intolerance diet recipes without any dairy product, but high in calcium and vitamin D, or a source of high quality protein. These three types of nutrients can not be diminished in dairy-free diet for a long time. They are very nutritious dishes that support your lactose intolerance diet.

Lactose intolerance diet recipes

Halibut with mashed carrots and green olives tortilla

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 2 brackets
  • 500 gr. baby carrots
  • 1 small and tender escarole
  • 1 small bunch baby spinach
  • 2 eggs
  • 35 gr. olive green
  • 25 gr. parsley
  • 50 ml. mineral water
  • 50 gr. black olives (pitted)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and white pepper

Clean the bracket and remove the fillets, skin also. Cut fillets in half and reserve cold. Grind 50 ml of mineral water, 50 gr. black olives and 15ml. olive oil.

When all ingredients are chopped fine tune the salt and pepper.

Peel carrots and cut into pieces. Slip them to a boil and salt for about 10 minutes. Until tender. Drain and mash with the help of a little water (the amount of water to lighten the puree will depend on what they are tender carrots). It must be a fine puree and light.

Clean escarole and tender stems reserve. Book also tender and small leaves of spinach.

Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and white pepper. In a nonstick skillet to a thread of oil when it is hot, fry the finely chopped parsley. Add beaten eggs and shredded green olives. Mix gently to slightly curdling. Make the tortilla to make it thick enough tender. Reserve

Mounting plate make the fish on the grill or in a nonstick skillet, seasoned with a little olive oil and salt, turn and turn. Keep oil hot wire on top. In the bottom of the dish, put a spoonful of hot carrot.

Also put a piece of tortilla and a piece of halibut on top. Repeat, placing another piece on the plate of tortillas and fish. End sprouts sautéed endive and baby spinach lightly in a skillet. Dressing the set with the cooking juices of fish mixed with pureed black olives.

NOTE: This recipe can be done perfectly with two other fish-like bitumen belt, halibut or jewelry, always and boneless fillets. Removing the skin will always be more sensitive to taste.