April 15, 2024

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IVR & Language Support: How to Serve Customers in Different Languages?

IVR & Language Support


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) cloud solutions are an automated voice-based phone response system that can be used by a business to set up call center solutions.

Cloud technology lets businesses automatically connect with customers through inbound and outbound calls. The calls are responded to through pre-recorded messages and text-to-speech technology. The response works as per the DTMF input that is entered by the customers.

IVR cloud solutions are used by different industries for various needs. A business of any field and any size can use IVR cloud solutions to offer better communication and service delivery to customers.

When business sales are higher and at their peak; enterprises and brands can utilize the potential and handle large call volumes. It aids the business in significantly reducing customer hold time and increase better customer satisfaction.

IVR solution providers can help a business easily integrate multiple language options. IVR with language support can service customers in different languages. It benefits the business as well as the customers in multiple ways.

The option for different languages includes English, Hindi, and regional languages. IVR solution providers can guide a business to choose different language options based on the customer base and target audience.

IVR & Language Support For Serving Customers in Different Languages

  1. More Reach: A business with IVR and language support can help in reaching more customers. It helps to connect a business with more people from different languages speakers.

A business can be more inclusive, accessible, and available for customers. It helps a business to offer seamless communication. It can easily expand the market reach in both, national and international markets. A business can be more confident in offering services to a larger group.

  1. Easy Customization: IVR solution provides many options and solutions that can make IVR and language supports a stronger combination. IVR solution providers can help business delivery efficient services and communication with different language options. With easy customization, a business can add more language options to the growing need and demands of the business.
  2. Offer Personalized Experience: A business can offer an easy and meaningful personalized experience to customers. With an IVR solution a business can offer self-service and adding language support to it; makes the engagement more fruitful.

A business can use different language options to offer general communication in a specialized manner. It helps in easy rapport building and makes communication more comfortable. Personalized communication is a way of connecting with customers at an internal level.

  1. Makes Concurrent Calls Effective: IVR solution with different language options is a cloud-based automated solution that makes concurrent calls effective. With the automated solution, the customers can choose the choice of language that they want to communicate in.

A business can handle large call volumes simultaneously in different languages without much manual work and effort. Concurrent calls help a business to reach more customers in a very short period.

  1. Business Expansion: A business can use IVR and language support solutions to serve customers in different languages and easily expand the business. A business can expand business with language options in the international market without any added expenditure.

It is very effective and supports international language options that can cater to the needs of international customers. Also, the IVR solution offers 24×7 support, which helps a business to be available for customers at any given point. This also supports offering service to customers with any difference in time and geography.


IVR and language support are popularly used in education, healthcare, travel and tourism, banking and finance, etc. Different language options support reducing the communication barrier between a business and its customers.

It supports customers from the diverse population to use the service and have access to services with any external help. The customers can choose the language option of their choice from the IVR menu itself and can change the option again if needed. The IVR and language option allows customers to communicate with a business with any help from the agent. If the customers need more assistance, they can request the calls to be transferred.

Language support offers communication flexibility to a business. It provides confidence in standard service delivery. The options can be chosen and changed at a click of a button.