June 20, 2024

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Is Popcorn Safe For Cats? Untamed Resolves The Problem!

Can Cats Have Popcorn

Your lovely feline cuddles with you as you binge-watch something amusing in bed. Until the mischievous cat steals your bowl of toasty popcorn, the situation seems ideal. Share? Can popcorn harm cats?

Yes ambiguously. If mixed with the incorrect components or offered in large quantities, Can Cats Have Popcorn and corn may be harmful to cats. Readymade popcorn typically contains dangerous ingredients and hydrogenated oils, so be careful. Your cat might have diarrhea or vomiting if you’re not cautious.

Do Cats Become Sick If They Eat Corn

Absolutely. Your cat can and probably does eat maize. Can Cats Eat Corn and cornmeal are often used as fillers in commercial pet diets and snacks due to their inexpensiveness, accessibility, and high fiber content.

Why Are Cats Attracted To Popcorn

If it has a pleasant aroma, a cat will want to eat it. Fresh popcorn has a strong scent that attracts cats, particularly buttered or cheese-flavored varieties.

Cats like fatty diets, therefore these popcorn varieties are especially appealing. Can Cats Have Popcorn despite its lackluster flavor because it enjoys the satisfying crunch.

What Type Of Popcorn Can Cats Eat

Sadly, only unseasoned, Can Cats Have Popcorn. What the snack really needs to be:

  • Air-popped
  • Unbuttered
  • Under seasoned or unseasoned

Why Is Buttered Popcorn Bad For Cats

Butter transforms low-calorie popcorn into a fat and cholesterol explosion. Cats might get tummy troubles after eating oily food, including throwing up and diarrhea.

Buttery popcorn is a certain recipe for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity if consumed on a regular basis.

But, you shouldn’t make buttered popcorn a frequent treat for your cat, even if eating two to ten kernels probably won’t hurt them.

What About Plain Salted Popcorn

Popcorn tastes better with a dash of salt, but eating too much might be fatal for cats. Gagging, vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite, and tremors are the first symptoms of salt toxicities. Can Cats Have Popcorn your cat may die from this in as little as 24 hours if it is a severe case.

Store-Bought Popcorn For My Cat

Most pre-packaged popcorn contains unhealthy amounts of salt, butter, and other flavor additives. Some pre-packaged goods may also include:

Artificial butter flavoring contains dactyl, which is toxic to cats’ lungs and muscles.

It has been observed that the perfluorooctanoic acid included in microwave popcorn may lead to hyperthyroidism in cats.

Although it’s unlikely that your cat will become sick from eating a few grains of store-bought popcorn now and again, you still shouldn’t encourage the habit.

Cats Eating Popcorn—Risk Factors

Popcorn is bad for cats, even plain popcorn:

  • Accidental choking—dry, Popcorn’s amorphous nature makes it a choking danger. Due to their flat faces, Persians, Scottish Folds, and British Shorthairs are more prone to choke on snacks. After popcorn, do the Heimlich man oeuvre or take your cat to the vet.
  • Fiber overdose
  • Cats require no fiber. Popcorn is high in fiber, so consuming too much might cause nutritional malabsorption and gastrointestinal difficulties in cats.
  • GI issues
  • Unpopped kernels may cause stomach issues including bloating, in appetence, constipation, and poor digestion in cats.
  • Tooth loss or dislocation if bitten too forcefully, unpopped popcorn kernels (like raw bones) may damage your cat’s dental roots, producing chipped, dislocated, or shattered teeth.

Keep In Mind—Popcorn Is Okay, Not Great

For variety, healthy adult Can Cats Have Popcorn on occasion. They may like it in terms of texture or aroma, but they probably wouldn’t want to consume it. As maize isn’t often included in a cat’s diet, this product doesn’t provide much in the way of nutrients.

What About Cat Food Containing Corn

Processed corn produces cornmeal or corn gluten meal (cornflakes, corn oil, corn syrup, etc.). It adds protein and carbohydrates to cat food.

  • Cheap meat replacement
  • A starchy binder for semi-moist or cat biscuits.

Cornmeal boosts protein in cat food, making it seem healthier than it is. Felines cannot absorb plant-based proteins. Eggs, tuna, liver, and chicken supply taurine and arginine, which they cannot. Your cat may develop:


  • Poor coat health causes excessive hairballs.
  • Blindness
  • Musculoskeletal disease
  • Obesity
  • Bad eating and strange urges


Can Cats Have Popcorn carbs are harmful. Carbohydrates are unnecessary for cats. Wild cats that eat mice and birds have fewer than 3% carbohydrates.

Corn and comparable replacements, including rice and wheat, carry 30–50% carbohydrates and may cause feline obesity and diabetes if fed often.

How To Prepare Kitty-Friendly Popcorn At Home

Can Cats Have Popcorn Air-popped produced at home is a healthy treat for cats. Pop some high-quality popcorn in an electric popper, using kernels that have the right amount of moisture within their tough shells.

The old kernels with the cracked or broken hulls won’t pop. However, dried sweetcorn won’t work since its shell lacks the density required for popping.

Should Cats Eat Popcorn With Different Flavors And Toppings

Can Cats Have Popcorn Stored loses its scent, but don’t add artificial flavors or toppings. Mix popcorn with a little non-fat yoghurt to enhance the flavor.

If your cat enjoys apples, bananas, pumpkin, and strawberries, add them. Although popcorn is bland, these additions will make it more appealing to your pet.

Avoid these cat-harming ingredients:


  • Chocolate
  • Coconut oil
  • Raisins
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey caramel
  • olive Oil
  • Avocado
  • Salt
  • Garlic/onions
  • Pepper \Cinnamon
  • Yeast
  • Dairy (cream, cheese, condensed milk, etc.)

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Healthy Snacks For Cats

It’s not only Can Cats Have Popcorn that may be used as a low-calorie snack for your cat. If you’re looking for other ways to satisfy your cat’s appetite, here are some nutritious options:


  • Thin meat broth
  • Store-bought mushrooms Bone broth
  • Plants that you may eat include catnip and valerian, and B.A.R.F. foods include raw turkey or lean pork that has been frozen (make sure they are contaminant free)

Untamed Offers Long-Term Health Benefits

We’ve seen whole meat diets maintain that Can Cats Have Popcorn healthy over time. Our cuisine helps health throughout life:


  • Kitten hood—Weaned kittens require protein-rich food to grow. Kittens may gain weight by eating untamed food in appropriate amounts. Dry food may induce kibble addiction and make younglings reject healthful wet food.
  • Adulthood—Most UK domestic cats are neutered or spayed and require less calories. Our sugar-free, low-carb meals are ideal for weight control and health management in adult cats, especially those with diabetes.