February 27, 2024

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Is Data Recovery After Format Still Possible?

Some computer users could accidentally format their data drives. This may pose quite a big challenge for home users because their data will be deleted after a format. But for data forensic experts, data recovery after format is not a complicated task. In fact, it is now possible to use file recovery software to rescue your data even after you have accidentally Datenrettung Berlin formatted your hard drive.

What Happens to Your Data after Formatting?

Formatting does very little to your drive. It will not erase stored data on the drive so it is really possible to recover files even with the use of commercial software. During a format, you are just allowing the system to re-use the space on your drive by over-writing existing files. So a very determined data recovery expert can easily extract deleted files from the drive. Latest recovery software, which can be used easily by a home user, can also retrieve data from a recently formatted drive.

Even if you have overwritten your previous data, it is still possible to perform recovery and data rescue efforts. You have to remember that files stored in your hard drive create data shadows. These data shadows contain all or some of your files. That is why it is really possibly to make a data recovery after format.

What You Can Do to Rescue Your Files?

If you have accidentally formatted your drives and you lost data in the process, the first thing that you can do is to rescue your files using commercial data recovery software. This is a more affordable approach, easier, and fast. There are many applications that can efficiently extract your files from a formatted drive.

If you suspect that you have overwritten your files with new ones, then there is still hope for a rescue. Just bring your hard drive to a data recovery facility or lab and let the professionals do their stuff. These services can easily rescue your important files even if they have been over-written. This is a more expensive solution but you get the guarantee that all or some of your files will be restored to their original state.