June 19, 2024

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Students nowadays want to become independent as soon as they leave school. Students remain sheltered in school. They are told everything that needs to be done. The curriculum remains compact. But when they step out of school, the scenario changes ten times. The transition from college to college life poses a great challenge for some students. Some start working at a very early age due to various reasons. Getting a certification does not seem easy while working as a full-time professional somewhere. The thought of it is scary to a great extent.

Therefore, this daunting challenge can be completed with the help of some tips and tricks. If you plan on handling a full-time job simultaneously with your studies, it would require excellent planning as well as prioritization. Currently, when the majority of students are opting for both, some percentage of students do not go ahead with two things at a time. To the latter students, I would just like to say one thing: nothing is impossible if you are determined enough to achieve your set goals. Proper dedication can take you to places that you think you would not be able to reach at all.

The sole motive behind this struggle is to achieve stability in life financially. Studies widen the horizon and open plenty of gates for earning money. Can there be any other motive behind putting all the extra effort into doing both challenging jobs?

Another main concern for such students is the assignments. They manage to take out time for attending classes but for assignments they are not able to do so. But, you would be surprised to know that I have a perfect solution for this also. you can take help from assignment help services available online. They have academic experts for the majority of the subject. You will get your assignment completed on time with high quality to get you the greatest score available for grabs. Assignment help services assign assignments to the academic expert who belongs to the same field as your subject. If your assignment is on the law then it will be assigned to the writers of law assignment help services. So, you just need the required courage and push to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. You will get all types of assignment help services just like the law assignment help online

           This blog is dedicated to all the necessary factors you need to maintain while taking up studies and doing a job simultaneously. I will provide you with ten useful tips so that you can live your two extremely demanding lives with a breeze and ease. 

  1.       Draft a plan: Planning is very critical when you are about to engage yourself in completing two full-time tasks. At the beginning of your semesters, you will receive your syllabus and class schedules. You need to mark your calendar with those dates when you will not be able to attend your work completely. This will help you in being clear about the leaves that you need to apply for. These will cover your important classes and examination dates. The deadlines of certain papers can also be put down in the planning sheet so that you know when you need to focus on your assignments as well. You can also make this list attractive by using different colour pens for different purposes. This would help you in getting engaged with your requirements in an engaging way. Also, make sure you do not compromise on your office meetings. This would require a complete absence from your studies. 
  2.       Be transparent with your employer: If you are doing a job and then you decide to take on a course, you need to discuss it with your employer. It is very important as they are the ones who will give you the allowances for your educational course. Take it as a proposal to your boss. See if that person is showing a cooperating attitude. If the response remains positive then only you should take on the educational course. If the response remains negative then you will need to decide on which one is more important to you currently.  
  3.       Use of free time: When you have to do two full-time jobs then the most probable situation is that you will have no leisure time at all. Thus, whenever you get free time, you need to use it wisely. Sometimes you might feel that you do not want to do anything in your free time but you cannot. Thus you need to think about different things that you can do. You can take on the revisions or plan for your work for the upcoming days. it is necessary as you cannot afford to be behind as both are necessary to be completed efficiently. You can read the class notes on your smart device as it remains with us every time practically. You can also make flashcards that you can read while you are on the way to work. You can even utilize your lunch breaks if it is not much for you. 
  4.       Take care of yourself: You need to be healthy and fit. A healthy body is directly proportional to a healthy mind. If you will be fit health-wise, it would improve your productivity. You will be able to catch your study materials easily. For having a healthy body you need to have a balanced diet, including high-protein eatables in your food. You need to have nuts, eggs, chicken, fish as well as vegetables in proper proportion. It will help in keeping your body as well as brain properly nourished. As a result, you will be able to understand and complete the tasks at your office and your course effectively. You can keep yourself motivated while cooking by studying short notes during that time. you will feel energized and pumped. You can also record your notes and listen to them while cooking. 
  5.       Do not overdo it: You need to be realistic about the time you are dedicating to your work as well as your study. It all depends on your capability and your strength. You cannot put yourself in a dangerous position to achieve something bigger but ultimately get burned out. Study and work is demanding and this is the reason why you need proper planning. You need to decide carefully the extent you are willing to go. And lastly, if you will not be able to do it then let it be. Do not compromise yourself at any point. 
  6.       Use technology to the fullest: Taking down class notes is very important, yet many students do not know how to take down running notes. You need to understand that you cannot take notes in full sentences. You are supposed to write down only that much which you will be able to understand later on. This will not result in getting lag and no misses will take place. you need abbreviations and your language for doing so. You can also record your lesson taught in class and listen to it afterward. There is much software that helps in translating the record. 
  7.       You need to find your comfort zone: You need to find your place in the house where you can study and work. You need to set up your things accordingly so that nothing gets amiss. You also need to chuck out the most suitable time for studying. It can be before going to work in the morning or after (that can be pretty exhausting). Use your strength to the fullest and remove all sorts of distractions from near. 
  8.       Get proper sleep: In all the hassle that will support you always is the freshness of your brain. Proper sleep is the key to being fresh and energetic all the time. You need to go to bed early so that you can get up at a suitable time for studying for at least one and a half hours to two hours. You also need to take breaks in between so that the burnout does not creep in early. 
  9.       Stay away from playing games and TV: Playing games can consume a lot of hours without you noticing it. Thus, stay away from it until your course is done. Instead, you can talk to your teacher or meet up with your friends. It would be refreshing and more motivating. Always remember that as soon as you start, you will finish earlier. 
  10.     Avoid procrastination: One of the major reasons for getting lagged behind is the procrastinating nature. I will study later, I will finish the work later, I will eat later, I will sleep later and many such things to be done later are supposed to be avoided. In the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed but in the course of time, momentum will develop. You will get used to it. You will start enjoying your routine life when you will see your results.