April 21, 2024

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How to Fix Crunchyroll not working on Chrome?

How to Fix Crunchyroll not working on Chrome

Anime and Manga web series are a very famous genre and there are millions and millions of people who use different platforms present on the internet to watch these anime and manga series. Crunchyroll is one of the biggest platforms available on the internet that people use when they want to watch their desired anime series and games related to the same. This popular website is a boon for many people as the website requires no login or registration and you do not need to buy a subscription to the website to use it however, these days there are many people who have complained that crunchyroll doesnt work on chrome and that is why here we are going to tell you the methods and the techniques that will allow you to use Crunchyroll on Google Chrome whenever you want. 

What can you do to fix Crunchyroll not working on Chrome?

If you see that crunchyroll not working on chrome then, there is no need to panic as there are many different solutions that you can try when you want to resolve this issue on your computer or mobile phone. We hope that the methods that we are listing here will help you with the same. 

Method 1: Use alternate web browsers

If you observe that this famous website is not working on Google Chrome then, the best option for you is to try a different web browser. There are many other web browsers available on the internet and that is why you can shift your browser from Google Chrome to another platform when you find yourself unable to use Crunchyroll on Chrome. 

Method 2: Clear the Cache data of Chrome

However, if you are not in favour of changing your web browser then also there are methods present that you can use to ensure that you can use Crunchyroll on chrome. The first solution that you can try is to see whether there are too many cookies present in your web browser and if the data is too much then, you need to make space and delete all the cache data and cookies that are present in your Google Chrome. You will observe that you will be able to use the website as soon as you delete all the unnecessary data. 

Method 3: Turn off Ad-blockers

There are many people who have used ad-blockers on their computers to make sure that their streaming time is not disturbed by advertisements however if you observe that crunchyroll wont load on chrome then, this can happen because of the said ad-blockers hence, we recommend that you turn off all the ad-blockers that you are using on your device to stop advertisements. 

Method 4: Update your Google Chrome

Do you know that there are regular updates to web browsers too including Google chrome? If not then, let me tell you that web browsers are also updated on a regular basis and the version of Chrome that you are using can also be the reason for crunchyroll beta not working on chrome and that is why it is suggested that you update the version of the web browser that you are using to its current version so that you can use the website to watch anime without any issues. 

The option to update the web browser is available in the Help section in the settings of the web browser and you can easily use the website WayBinary when you want more information on how to use the methods that we have mentioned here in the guide. We hope that these simple methods can be used by you when you want to fix the website on your web browser.