June 12, 2024

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How to drive in traffic jams: our 5 tips

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We’re in a hurry, we leave the house just in time, we text to let friends, family, or pals know we’re on our way, and suddenly… A traffic jam on the road. At that moment, all our plans fall apart, and our desire to reach our destination increases. Knowing how to drive in traffic is an art. This is why, at Just pass automatic driving lessons walsall, UK, we want to share with you our 5 tips that will allow you to be a professional in this type of situation.

How to drive in traffic jams: the essentials

If you have to know how to drive in traffic, that means where you live, you have to deal with a lot of them. The crucial thing is to plan your trips and try to avoid peak hours. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Our list of tips on how to drive in traffic doesn’t end there. We want to go further so you can make the most of those moments of despair inside your vehicle.

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Tip 1: be careful

When we’re stuck in a traffic jam and time seems to be running out, we’re all more nervous than usual. The other drivers also want to arrive at their destination, so you are all in the same situation. However, the rush can affect our driving: it increases stress and nervousness, which can lead to more sudden movements at the wheel. That’s why you have to be more careful than usual to avoid accidents that can keep you on the road longer than expected.

Tip 2: Don’t try to go faster

Knowing how to drive in traffic often includes one key ingredient: patience. You’ve probably seen a driver more than once try to squeeze through the hard shoulder, down a side road, or even into the space between several vehicles. Or maybe you did it yourself. Either way, it’s a behavior to avoid. You could cause an accident or even make traffic even more difficult. Adapt your speed to that of others and don’t try to be the fastest. Also, remember that there should always be room to move around in case an emergency vehicle should go through it.

Tip 3: Keep a safe distance

Getting closer to other vehicles will not allow you to go any faster. Indeed, if another driver does not follow the advice above and, for example, does not adapt his speed when he notices a traffic jam, he can cause an accident. If you don’t keep the proper safe distance, a chain reaction involving multiple vehicles will occur, further slowing the overall speed. Finally, if the accident is very serious, you may not even be able to reach your destination. Think about it!

Tip 4: never empty!

Who hasn’t left home with just enough fuel thinking it would be enough to get to their destination? When we are stuck in a traffic jam, fuel consumption increases because the vehicle stays running. Although many modern models already include the option to switch off, this is not the case for all vehicles. So, if you know the route you are going to take, plan your gas station stops before or during the trip. Thus, nothing can surprise you on the road and you will be more than prepared to know how to drive in traffic jams.

Tip 5: Recognize any relevant laws and regulations

Not every congestion is the same, and they don’t always happen on the same section of road. For instance, did you know that you can’t exit your car if it becomes trapped in a tunnel? While visibility is decreased and you don’t want to cause an accident in such a place, you should also shut off the engine and leave your indicators on. Check out the rules which we “Just Pass” will supply to our students automatic driving lesson coventry, in effect for both driving in traffic jams and in situations when there is snow.

As you can see, the basic driving principles in a traffic jam are safety, caution, patience, and reasoning. You won’t require much more once you know this. It is important to equip your car with the greatest supplies, so do not be afraid to buy cheap tires so that nothing can stop you. And added to this are reflective vests, warning triangles, or a V16 emergency light. Make a plan.