July 14, 2024

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How to Draw A Hawaiian Flower Easily

How to Draw A Hawaiian Flower. Hawaii is a place of incredible natural beauty.

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You can expect volcanic landscapes, lush jungles and sparkling beaches in this incredible state, and it is also famous for its amazing flora and fauna.

The Hawaiian flower is one of the most recognizable symbols of Hawaii, and drawing a Hawaiian flower is a great way to recreate a little part of Hawaii itself.

Bring a little piece of Hawaii into your life while having fun with this step-by-step guide to drawing a Hawaiian flower in just 6 easy steps!

How to Draw A Hawaiian Flower

Step 1

For this first step in our guide to drawing a Hawaiian flower, we’ll start with a single petal of the flower.

These petals have a lot of detail and are rounded with a narrower tip. This narrow part will be where the petal connects to the center of the flower.

Finally, you can finish with rounded lines all over the petal to give it more texture detail.

Once you’ve replicated the petal as it appears in the reference image, you can move on to the next step!

Step 2

Now that you’ve created a petal for your Hawaiian flower drawing, you should have no trouble drawing more!

These will be similar to the previous one, but the dimensions will differ slightly.

One among the others will be the smallest, and the reference image will tell you the position and size of these petals.

Step 3

We will add two elements in this step of our guide on how to draw a Hawaiian flower. First, we’ll add another petal near the top of the flower.

Next, we’ll add a long thin column going up from the center of the flower. This column is called a style; you can draw it with thin, curved lines radiating from the center.

This will end up in a bulbous section drawn with a few small rounded lines. That’s all there is to do in this step, so let’s move on!

Step 4

In this fourth step of your Hawaiian floral design, you’ll add the final petal for the image. This last petal fills the final space between the others, as shown in our reference image.

Once you have all the petals, let’s draw the first leaf. You can use some curved lines with some sharp points for the edges of the leaf and then add some veining to finish it.

Step 5

You can draw another leaf for the plant using what you learned in the previous step of this how to draw a Hawaiian flower guide.

This leaf will be similar in texture but is on the other side of the flower, almost like a mirror image.

Once the leaf is drawn, the next step is for us to add a few final details!

Step 6

It’s time to finish the details before adding amazing colours to your Hawaiian floral design. The main thing we will add is one last leaf for the flower.

However, this sheet will be quite different from the others. Instead of one big, solid sheet, this one has multiple sections for its border that you can draw with a few straight and curved lines.

If this needs clarification, the reference image will show you what it should look like!

So your drawing is ready, and you can proceed! Before moving to the last step, you can also add some details to complete it.

You could use many ideas for this, from embedding the flower in a background to drawing more flowers next to it.

You could do this by drawing other Hawaiian flowers, adopting what you have learned, or drawing some of your favourite flowers.

Step 7

You’ve done a great job with this how-to-draw Hawaiian flower guide, and now you can add some great colours!

In our reference image, we used some reds and greens for the flower, but this is just one of many options you can choose from. These amazing flowers can come in many different colours and shades, giving you many options when adding colour.

Colour choices are only part of the fun, as you can experiment with different artistic means. Watercolour paints can be great for this type of drawing as they add a soft look to the image.

However, any medium you use will look great, so make sure you use all the art tools you love to finish it!

Your Hawaiian Flower Drawing is Finished!