February 29, 2024

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How to Avoid Plagiarism In The Assignment?

The most important thing students have to keep in mind while doing an academic assignment is to keep plagiarism at bay.  Sometimes, it becomes difficult to pen down information in your own words, which leads to plagiarism. 

However, these days, there are many ways and AI-guided paraphrasing tools that can help you simplify the complicated information you come across during research and help you avoid plagiarism in your content. 

Plagiarism is an academic sin. Hence, it must not be brought to your academic paper in any case. Or else, you can ruin your chances of getting HD grades and degrade your overall academic performance in the long run. 

Poor reading, analysing, paraphrasing and writing skills can lead to academic failure and give rise to plagiarism. So, let’s identify and analyse the root cause of plagiarism and find ways to write 100% original content in your academic assignments. 

Cause of Plagiarism in Academic Assignments and How to Avoid them? 

When it comes to university norms, plagiarism is considered the most hated infringement of acclaimed standards in the academic sphere. It severely affects research writers who work for distinction in an environment of competition. 

There are many causes and reasons why students cheat and plagiarise content from various resources. Here is a mention of some of the common causes of plagiarism in academic assignments help

Students reading this article can try analysing if any of the reasons match with theirs and try avoiding them by going through the tips we will mention to avoid plagiarism. The most common causes of plagiarism are: 

Poor time management

Students often procrastinate on their assignments and think that they will complete them the next day. They spend their time on useless hobbies, which causes them to panic when the deadline comes near. 

When this happens, students plagiarise or copy from others. Sometimes students do add citations, but their citations are so large that it becomes clear that students put no effort into it. Another reason is unorganised notes. 

Students make poor or no notes, which causes them to make blunders when they finally start working on their assignments. Most commonly, students add improper citations. To ensure you don’t commit any such mistake, try being organised and managing your time well. 

You can plan a schedule and allot at least an hour a day to successfully complete your assignments before the deadlines. We understand that you may have multiple assignments that have to be completed within a limited time, planning and working with a routine can help you a lot. 

Lack of knowledge about citation techniques 

Students need to be trained and taught better about citation and referencing as they often get stuck when they have to note down any information in their words. 

The citation requires specific skills to be done effectively. Whether you found the information in a book, article, or website, you need to cite it to avoid plagiarism and let the readers know about your research source. 

Why should you cite? 

The first reason, above all, is to avoid plagiarism. The other few are:

  • You ought to acknowledge your information sources
  • Get a thorough reading about the subject or topic
  • Demonstrate your research skills 
  • Let your readers know that you respect and value others’ opinions
  • Ensure the credibility of the facts and statements made by you in your assignments. 

Lethargy and lack of interest, 

And Laziness is another common reason why students plagiarise the content in their assignments. This usually happens because they lack productivity and motivation.

Also, they have a mindset that they can at least secure pass marks in their academic assignments and don’t need to put a lot of effort into crafting them. When they know they can copy, they become inactive and unconcerned about their projects.

What is the solution? 

Students must know the aftermath of plagiarism in their assignments. Do you want to fail in your academics? Your laziness may lead to failure if you find ways to eliminate it. 

You can exercise and keep yourself physically active. Besides, monotony in life can also make you lazy. Involve yourself in recreational activities. Don’t follow the same routine every day. 

You must also realise the significance of assignments in your overall academic performance. It doesn’t just help you score well in your overall academic ventures but also teaches lifelong skills that are extremely useful for your future. 

So, the next time you feel lazy and think about copying and pasting content in your academics, remember the significance of doing your assignments perfectly! 

Over-dependence on online tools

Many students think they are smart enough to write their entire assignment using online paraphrasing tools. 

Although paraphrasing tools help ease assignment stress, too much dependence on it isn’t good. 

Besides, online paraphrasing tools may only give accurate results sometimes. We have come across many such tools that claim to rewrite sentences or paraphrase any content to make it 100% original. However, they only sometimes work out well. These AI-guided tools can not replace human minds in any case. 


This is another reason why students end up plagiarising content in their assignments. When they get away with plagiarism once or more,  they think they are smart enough to deceive the instructor. 

They become overconfident and plagiarise every time they can.The teachers are also at fault in such cases. They just skim-read the assignments and then seldom catch a student plagiarism. 

How to prevent it?

Here the role of the teacher is more than a structure. They must warn students about the consequences of plagiarism in their assignments. They should also check selections or academic papers carefully to avoid future plagiarism in students. 

Hence, these are some of the common reasons and remedies for avoiding plagiarism in your academic assignments. However, if you still face challenges in writing other’s opinions in your words, you can take Assignment Writing Serice from a reliable agency. 

The experts at such places are extremely helpful. They can guide you from the initial research to drafting your support on time. They have all the skills required for crafting a perfect academic paper. 

Hence, these are some of the reasons why and how plagiarism can be avoided. You can also follow some other methods like; taking notes in their classroom and relying on your instructor before you rely on anything else. You must also give commitments to yourself every day. 

If you find yourself stuck with doubt about how to plagiarise, follow these steps to get it done the right way and avoid plagiarism in your assignment. 

  • Read the text carefully to get a clear understanding. If you don’t understand it at once, read it until you understand. If you encounter any new term you can’t understand, you can take help from your instructor. 
  • Find out the keyword that can’t be changed to retain the original text’s meaning. Don’t change them, or if you need to add any information that is necessary but can’t be paraphrased, use citation methods to avoid plagiarism.
  • Identify the information or words that you can reorganise in your words and add to your assignment. 
  • Cross-check if you have added all the necessary information to your assignment and if your writing makes sense. 

Hence, we hope the tips discussed today help many students curate and draft a 100% original assignment without the requirement to paraphrase and copy