June 16, 2024

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How Long Should A Dissertation Be? A Guide To Planning Your Writing

Are you already enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy program and considering what is necessary for the writing of your dissertation? You may be asking yourself: how long should it be, how much time will you need to finish it, and what is the most effective approach to take for this task? Let us attempt to provide answers to the common queries associated with performing academic research for a doctoral degree.

What Is The Recommended Length Of The Dissertation?

No definite solution to the question exists, with a multitude of parameters determining the length of the dissertation. Primarily, the PhD program’s domain plays a pivotal role, with dissertations concerning humanities. Usually being longer than those in scientific disciplines. Secondly, it is essential to heed the rules and regulations of universities and schools; after all, their intent and ideology are vital to comprehend. Therefore, one should read any tutorial material accessible.

The amount of time it takes to finish a dissertation will depend on a variety of factors, such as the specific requirements of the degree program, the size of it, and how much time you can dedicate each week to research and writing. Generally speaking, the process can last from one to three years.

It should be taken into consideration that the timeline for finishing it is not only reliant on the number of hours devoted to the task – other elements come into play, like the complexity of the subject matter, the resources and dissertation helper assistance at one’s disposal, as well as one’s writing and research skills.

What Are The Various Types Of Dissertations? 

It is essential to consider the type of dissertation when researching a particular topic. The selection of the dissertation should depend on the approach chosen by the student. Below are the popular types and a brief description of each:

Empirical Dissertation 

Dissertations of an empirical nature are those that involve some kind of practical research. The results come from experiments, surveys, and investigations conducted by postgraduate students. To illustrate, a survey might be conducted in a nursing home to ascertain the effects of recreational activities on its residents.

Non Empirical Dissertation

Research dissertations that do not involve empirical experiments need an examination and reconsideration of the existing studies. This requires gathering primary and secondary sources, evaluating them, interpreting a literary work, and analyzing its theories.

Narrative Dissertation 

Narrative dissertations, in which the data from an experiment is presented in a storytelling format, are relatively scarce. This technique begins with describing the laboratory test, then moves on to explaining its implementation, and ultimately concludes with an examination of the outcomes.

Analyzing the subsections of a dissertation, and giving an approximate idea of their size is the aim here. Note that these estimates should be considered as guidelines only; there are no hard and fast rules, but they can provide an overall outlook.

1 How Long Should A Research Proposal Be?

To get your dissertation rolling, you need to first choose a topic and create an appropriate research question. It is vital to examine the topic thoroughly to identify any research gaps. Generally, the proposal includes.

2. Dissertation Abstract Length

The last section of a dissertation is the abstract, which serves as a concise summary of the research project. The purpose and outcome of the research are described in this short section, typically with a word count of between 200 – 300 words.

3. How Long Is The Dissertation Literature Review Should Be?

A literature review should reflect the findings of previous research, which can then be used to inform your work. It is important to examine all applicable information. Generally, this part comprises 30 to 40 pages. To get a better understanding of how to write a literature review, take a look at the additional resources provided. Moreover, take a dissertation helper to make the literature review stand out from the others.

4. Dissertation Methodology Chapter Length

Describe and justify the methods utilized in your research in an essay of around 10 pages.

 6. Dissertation Results Section

Subsequently, the research findings (like surveys, tables, interviews etc.) that are pertinent must be presented. This chapter is likely to make up around 5% of the total word count, which amounts to about 7-8 pages.

7. Dissertation Discussion Section

After interpreting the results, the implications and constraints of the research are to be analyzed. This is a crucial stage of the project, requiring approximately 40% of the word count.

8. How Long Should A Dissertation Conclusion Be?

Summarizing the entire research shall be undertaken in the conclusion; it should account for approximately 5-7% of the total word count. Moreover, Take a clear view of the conclusion. 

We discussed all the aspects related to a dissertation and how it’s long enough to make it the best. We know that writing a dissertation is very difficult for beginners. So if you find any issues related to your dissertation. You can go through the most prominent website for dissertation help

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