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Holi Celebration in Dayalbagh Satsang Birmingham

Holi Celebration in Dayalbagh Satsang Birmingham

Holi Festival is celebrated in India, Birmingham and Wolverhampton (West Midlands) and All Over Europe

The Festival of Holi is celebrated in Birmingham, Wolverhampton (West Midlands) and all over Europe by Hindus and Radhasoami Satsang followers in their respective Branches.

Holi is a symbolic legend to explain why Holi is celebrated as a festival of triumph of good over evil in honour of the Hindu god Vishnu and his devotees in Hinduism. It is also celebrated in Brij (Mathura) India which signifies lord Krishna and Radha Rani eternal love. Holi Celebration In Dayalbagh Satsang Birmingham

In sant mat same love is depicted between Surat (Aatma) and the Supreme lord (Parmatma)The festival of Holi has special importance in Ra-Dha-Sva-Aah-Mi Faith also which is a sant mat . In this happiest and most blissful month of Phagun the devotees sitting at the Holy Feet of their Supremely Merciful “Acclaimed” Waqt/Present Sant Satguru enjoy the bliss and ecstasies of a most extraordinary character.

Especially, since the last two decades the festival of Holi has been the harbinger of boundless joy for the adherents of Dayalbagh Ra-Dha-Sva-Aah-Mi Satsang, as it was on this Most Auspicious Day that HUZUR RA-DHA-SVA-AAH-MI DAYAL Made HIS Advent in the Human Form of Eighth “Acclaimed” Waqt/Present Sant Satguru of Radhasoami Faith, Revered Prof. Prem Saran Satsangi Sahab, on this Planet Earth (Holi Day on March 09, 1937) 

Holi Celebration In Dayalbagh Satsang Birmingham

The Festival of Holi (Day) has always been celebrated in Dayalbagh Satsang with great spiritual and devotional fervour. In Dayalbagh daily Morning and Evening, the Holy Samadh of Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzur Soamiji Maharaj is Illuminated with seven-hued light. Along with the Holy Samadh, the entire Dayalbagh glows radiantly in the seven-hued light, suffusing the whole atmosphere with an indescribable Divine Spiritual Aura. The seven-hued fountains here, also present a spectacular view. More importantly, when Revered Gracious Huzur goes for walk Casting His Supremely Merciful Glance on the devotees, immersing them in Divine Raptures, they feel immensely blessed and blissful. 

Holi Celebration In Dayalbagh Satsang Birmingham

This time about 8000 Satsangis from India and abroad have come to Dayalbagh to participate in this Event. Including local Satsangis from Agra City, the number of devotees participating in the event will reach around 20,000. There are various activities like recitation of Shabdas (Holy Hymns), spiritual qawwalis, cultural programmes and performances by Sant Su(Perman) children being organised and kiosks are being set up by various units etc. Langar service has been organized for food and drink arrangements for the pilgrims (Satsangi brothers and sisters who have come from outside). Satsangi Sevadhars will look after all the arrangements.