February 29, 2024

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Travel More, Explore More: Get An Instant Personal Loan To Travel

Get Instant Personal Loan

Get Instant Personal Loan

Now and then all of us make travel plans that sometimes get postponed due to one or another reason. Most common of them are being short on funds.

If you want to plan your vacation soon and money is the only thing stopping you, don’t worry. You can enjoy your much-needed holidays whether solo, with your family, friends. No worries about the cost when you have instant access to a travel loan.

If you want to explore the beaches of Goa, retreat yourself to the cultural heritage of India. Or willing to see snow-capped mountains; you only need to make a plan. Travel loan is exactly what you need to execute your travel plans.

About Travel Loan:

A travel loan is a type of personal loan to help you manage your travel expenses. You can use it to pay travel-related costs.

With digitalization, most banking facilities are available online. Getting travel loans has been much easier and more convenient. Particularly, the personal loan for travel offered by lending apps are approved in minutes. 

More About Travel Loan as known as Personal Loan:

Features of Personal Loan – 

  1. Convenient term: Now manage your personal loan easily with flexible repayment options. Usually it ranges from a month up to 2 years.
  2. Affordable interest rates: Get instant personal loan for travel at reasonable interest rates.
  3. Approval in minutes: Apply for instant personal loan from the comfort of your home, workplace, or wherever you are.
  4. Same day loans disbursal: When your personal loan gets approval from the lender. They transfer the loan amount directly into your bank account.
  5. Multiple uses: You can use the travel loan for any purpose such as flight ticket, sightseeing, dining, accommodation, travel accessories, etc.

Personal Loan Eligibility And Documents:

Eligibility Criteria –

  • Nationality – Must be citizen of India
  • Age- Must be at least 20 years old
  • Employment- Full time employed, self employed
  • Credit score – Must be above 650
  • Income – Must have minimum Rs. 15,000/- per month

Documents required –

  • For KYC – Aadhar, PAN card, 
  • Employee ID card
  • Salary slip 
  • Current Address Proof (Passport, Voter id, Utility Bill, Rent Agreement)

Note: Depending on the lender’s policy, the list of documents above may change. The whole list of documents needed should be confirmed with the lender.

How To Get Instant Personal Loan For Travel?

  • Click on apply now and fill an application form with your name and contact details
  • Complete your KYC by uploading necessary documents
  • You will get approval in minutes and disbursal within 24 hours

Benefits Of Travel Loan:

  1. Travel exotic location

A travel loan can ease your financial concern if you’ve had a place on your bucket list for a while. You can use the loan amount to pay all of your travel-related costs without putting up any collateral. They include a wide range of expenses, from travel and lodging to supper and entertainment.

  • Travel without any worries

Taking a personal loan may put you in doubt if you will be able to repay it. But you get the flexibility to select the payback period of your choice with personal loans for travel. You can repay in over a length of time ranging from a month to 2 years 

  • Plan last-minute trips

Sometimes sudden travel plans, last minute getaways get us in a hurry. This is due to the fact that applying for a travel loan is quick and easy. The entire loan application process gets done In a few minutes.

Plan Your Vacations:

You can make a simple plan to maintain your budget and keep travel costs in check. You can use the following tips: 

  • Select a location:  Choose the place that fits within your budget for lodging, travelling, and meals. 
  • Research: Learn as much as you can about your trip by using internet resources. Check ticket prices, hotel costs, travelling costs. Take into account every expense you will be spending while travelling.
  • Make a budget: How much funds you will need for travel. Get a good idea to round up your budget.
  • Get instant personal loan for travel: If you are done with budgeting start applying for a personal loan for travel.

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Consider the total cost of the loan by the completion of the term. If you can manage the monthly payments (EMIs) comfortably, then it’s reliable to think about getting a travel loan. A travel loan can help you plan your ideal vacation, but it’s advisable to check your repayment capacity to be sure you can make the loan payments on time.

So keep in mind that there is no need to delay the next time you want to plan a trip and broaden your horizons by visiting exotic places. You may tick off locations on your travel Wishlist with the quick, easy, and flexible personal loan for travel. 

There are many apps on the Play Store such as Phocket, Fibe India, Zest Money, MoneyTap, etc.