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This document is to give direction on the proper buying and use of Mobile Computing Devices [Laptops, Cell Phones Netbooks Tablets Computers (HP EliteBook 2740p), Tablet Slates/Pads (iPads) and PDA/SMART phones (phones equipped with network connectivity and data capabilities) mobile repair in dubai .


The policy establishes guidelines for the purchase operating, maintenance, and support and maintenance Mobile Computing Devices for Azusa Pacific University employees. This is applicable to any handheld or portable computing device capable of sending packet data directly (through Azusa Pacific University’s Wireless network) or through a connecting to another networks service (e.g. WiFi hotspot or cellular).


Information Technology (IT) has the responsibility of defining specifications for the use of mobile computing devices at APU. IT’s responsibility is to offer guidelines for stewardship, control University risks and evaluate the impact these devices affect the functioning of the APU’s infrastructure, or on the data stored on them. It also allows IT to manage and support these devices.

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Department Cell Phones:

The purchase, usage, and replacement of mobile phones are controlled by the “Voice Communications Devices” policy as well as the Cell Phone Allowance Policy.

Laptops/Notebooks/Tablet PCs

In the context of an APU the laptop is an alternative to desktop computer that provides an additional feature of wireless networking capabilities to increase connectivity and mobility. Laptops that are purchased and replaced are subject to the “Computer Refresh Policy and Procedure”.

Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs Tablet PC is a portable PC that may also have touchscreen input. It comes with stylus (digitizer pen) for handwriting recognition . It is also equipped with a keyboard as well as a touchscreen (mouse).


A Netbook is like an Notebook but it’s smaller, lighter and less efficient and is designed to be used by web-based applications in contrast to native software that is installed on a PC (i.e. Microsoft Office). A Netbook could be purchased conjunction with a desktop to replace a laptop however, it is not recommended to use as an primary computer because of physical and software limitations. When purchasing and replacing an Netbook as well as a desktop are subject to the “Computer Refresh Policy and Procedure”.

Tablet Slates/Pads

Tablets, also known as pads or slates use virtual keyboards that are placed on touchscreens as their primary method of interface. The most common Tablets/Slates are iPad, Xoom, G-Slate, Galaxy Tab, etc.

Personal PDA/Smart Phones

A PDA/Smart Phone is a combination of an Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone that has connectivity to networks. The capabilities of network connectivity range in connectivity from Local Area Networks (enterprise network) to internet connectivity over the network of the service provider. The purchase, usage renewal, and refresh of Smart Phones and PDAs is governed through the Cell Phone Allowance Policy.


The use of the services is to be exclusively for business use. When there’s a necessity andor request to use the service for personal usage then the University will be reimbursed to the individual. The credit is made to the department’s cost center account, and account number: 554510. If there is a continuous instance of excessive usage by a particular user, the designated person will notify the department head for that user.

Selection and Purchase

These standards will define the models, vendors, service providers, as well as software that is approved for use for these devices.

Tablet Slates/Pads

Tablet Slates/Pads can be ordered by IT only if the following requirements are met: 1.) Approval for purchase must be given by both the department’s vice president or dean as well as the CIO 2.) the funds are provided by the department. Please see the Computer Request Form for requests for purchase of Tablet Slates/Pads.


Because Mobile Computing Devices may be in the process of storing and transmitting crucial APU data when being connected to the web and all APU policies (Acceptable use, Email, Data Security and more.) are applicable and applied. Mobile users are strongly advised to protect their passwords for access to data stored and make sure that the device isn’t stolen or lost.

Cellular Carrier Data / Service Plans

A lot of Mobile Computing Devices come with the capability to connect to the internet using Local Area Networks (LANs) WiFi hot-spots, WiFi hotspots, or an cellular carrier’s network (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.). These services are also marketed by the name of “3G or 4G” networks. Connectivity to a cell phone carrier’s network requires a distinct service or data plan for every device. It is the responsibility of the employee of paying for this service plan, unless agreed upon with the department’s budget officer by approving the Cell Phone Allowance Policy. IT does not allow tethering of devices to share internet access. Tethering support is provided by your cell phone provider.


Software/Apps purchased for mobile phone, smartphones/PDAs and Tablets cannot be reimbursed since the licenses are not given to APU. Additionally in the event that a particular app is found to cause problems for APU Network, APU Network for whatever reason, IT reserves the right to demand that the application be not installed on campus or taken off the computer. If the application isn’t removed from the device, APU can restrict the access of APU resources on the device.

Please look up the Software Standards policy for additional details on buying software and assistance.

Security of Data

Mobile device data is usually more vulnerable than the data on network shares or desktop computers due to the environments which the devices are utilized in, and the risk of being stolen or lost. Therefore, sensitive university data shouldn’t be stored on mobile devices. Furthermore, all information stored on mobile devices should be archived frequently. Due to the wide variety of devices the security and backups is the duty of the user. For suggestions on backups and backup recommendations you can contact IT Support Center. IT Support Center.


The IT Support Center will provide in the highest degree of its abilities connectivity assistance to APU network. APU network on every Mobile Computing Devices that meet APU network requirements. Assistance and instructions will be offered for accessibility to APU Email on the device. The accessibility to APU products and services cannot be assured However, choosing devices that offer the full experience of a web browser can increase the chances of availability of the service in the future.

Network Access and Support

Autorized Mobile Computing Device users will be able to connect to any APU network directly via the Wi-Fi network. This requires authentication via an internet browser. To protect the security of the APU’s networks, users must ensure that they do not allow Ad-hoc detection or the option accessible on the Mobile Computing Device.

Department Responsibility

Additionally, it’s the supervisor’s obligation to get every Mobile Computing Devices which are the property of the University prior to the time that an employee physically departs from the University. If a different person (replacement employee) will be taking the device/service and the device is in the hands that the boss make sure that all data is removed from the device prior to transferring the device to a new employee. The majority of devices have an option to reset the device factory-wide which can be used to erase all information and reset the device back to default settings set by the manufacturer. Please refer to in the “software” section above for any implications to the continued use of the software on the device, as the transfer of the license is typically not an option.

Loss or Theft of Devices

In the event of theft or loss of a campus-owned mobile(cell phone repair indiana) device, the employee must file a claim with Campus Safety and forward a copy of the report to the IT Support Center.

Laptops, Notebooks, and Tablet PCs

When the report is received, report, IT will initiate an operation to erase the profile and the data off the device that is able to support the remote wiping of data. The procedure will to ensure that private and confidential information kept on the device won’t be used or accessed in a way that is inappropriate. The information won’t be able to be recovered after the process has been completed. It is suggested that all devices be backed regularly as per the section on data security above.

Appeal Process

If an application to buy an Mobile Computing Device is denied or denied, the person who requested the device can make an application in writing for review to the chief information officer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I bring my personal device (e.g. iPad) to the APU in order to connect it to the APU network?

Yes, you are able to attach your mobile device or laptop via the APU network via APUWIFI, the APUWIFI Wireless network.

Does IT allow me to access APU services via the iPad I have on my own?

To maximum abilities, IT will assist and assist you in accessing APU services, but only by joining APU’s APU network and logging into to your APU mail account.

Can I make use of an iPad to work? Can APU buy an iPad for me?

It’s the responsibility of the department’s budget director and the department’s CIO to decide whether an iPad is the right mobile computer for employees. This Computer Request Form should be completed and sent in IT Support Center. IT Support Center to initiate the process of purchasing.

What happens if I’ve bought a mobile computing device? Can APU pay me back?

The decision of whether to reimburse you for the cost of purchasing your mobile computing device falls at the discretion of department’s budget director in conjunction in conjunction with the CIO.


If I bring me personal devices to the IT Support Center, what could they assist me with?

Its IT Support Center staff will assist you with making connections to APUWIFI, the APUWIFI wireless network and logging into to your APU mail account.

What is the responsible party for data or service plan that permits the mobile device to connect to the Internet via their cell phone provider (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon)?

The primary obligation lies on the employee to determine as well as pay for service or data plan. However, it is the budget manager’s responsibility/prerogative to determine if the mobile computing device usage falls within the Cell Phone Allowance Policy.