February 28, 2024

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Free fire vs. Pubg | Biggest Differences Between These Games

Both are multiplayer online battle royale games, though they have plenty of differences that set them apart. Free Fire is a free-to-play game. Free Fire has competitive aspects, whereas Pubg does not.

Free Fire is less popular, as many people don’t want to find themselves in an environment where they can be killed at any second. Many people wonder, “Free fire ka baap kaun hai”? Forrest Li is the developer and father of Free Fire.

The significant difference between these games lies in how the different maps are designed and how the battle royale generally works depending on the map layout: different modes have vastly different rule sets and objectives.

What is the Difference Between PUBG and Free Fire

  • Graphics:

Pubg has very realistic graphics to create a real-life experience for the player. The game is based on a deserted island with very stunning graphics. Everything is so well-defined and accurate that players get immersed in the game and forget everything else around them for rip meaning in hindi.

Free Fire is based on maps, huge battlefields with destructible environments and minimalistic 2D graphics. 

The player gets an arcade-like feel while playing this game, and they do not get immersed as they do while playing PUBG, but it’s more of a casual shooter than anything else when you look at it from its graphics perspective.

  • Game Modes:

Pubg has two modes, namely “Arcade” and “Arena.” Both have very different rule sets. In the first mode, you are given a parachute to jump over for a certain amount of time before your character is killed. 

The player who survives becomes the winner, and their name gets added to the leaderboard. In this mode, making any purchases is impossible once you’ve completed one round.

Free Fire has eight different game modes, in the first accessible Fire mode, you can turn on the auto-kill function to win the game in one go. 

Unlike other games where you have to survive for some time before completing a round, you can wait for your opponents and finish them off by yourself. 

  • Characters:

In Pubg, there are a total of 5 characters that you can customize as per your liking. Each character has strengths and weaknesses. The player chooses which character to play with and starts the battle royale. 

Each player is given a weapon at the start of the game, and the opponent uses a weapon of the same type they chose for themselves.

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Free Fire has 40 characters, each with its strengths and weaknesses. You can also choose one or get two weapons for it to make your character better in any situation.

  • Maps:

The maps in PUBG are specifically designed and have specific rules that need to be followed. If a player steps into an area that is not allowed, the game will end immediately, and that player will be knocked out of the game. 

In Free Fire, the maps vary, and each map has its own set of rules regarding how you should play it.

  • Weapons:

PUG has a total of 21 different weapons. Each weapon has its own purpose and is used very differently than any other weapon. Most weapons have at least three or four attachments that can be equipped on them, depending on the situation you find yourself in. 

You can customize your character by choosing your weapon and its branches.

Free Fire has a total of nine different weapons. Each weapon has three to four attachments as well, depending on the situation that you are in. The weapons available in Free Fire are not as diverse as those on PUBG’s maps. 

Still, surprisingly enough, they can be used in different situations you find yourself in, and it is pretty easy to pick up a weapon at any time and do some damage to your opponent.


The game is only a casual shooter, in the most basic definition. It is impossible to get into any actual game play, which hinders it from getting into the competitive category. 

Still, you can quickly become a casual player in this game by playing match royale mode against bots. Also, you cannot use any in-game purchases to make your journey easier.

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