June 16, 2024

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Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

If you don’t create the ideal bathroom, which is not only highly practical and comfortable to use but also has a sophisticated, modern appearance, your dream home might fall short!

When choosing the decor and style of your bathroom, one of the primary things you should consider are the floor and wall tiles.

This article outlines some of the most common errors to avoid while planning your bathroom. Minimize these blunders to ensure that every aspect of your bathroom is handled right.

Not selecting the right finish for bathroom floor tiles

The first error to avoid when selecting tiles for the bathroom flooring is their finishing. Even though they appear enticing, do not make the error of purchasing glossy tiling for the bathroom floor. Tiles with a glossy surface are far slicker than most other tiles and may be highly dangerous for anybody using the bathroom.

Rather, use matte tiles for the bathroom floor since the matte finish helps make the tiles anti-skid, which really is an extremely desirable attribute in any bathroom. If you want glossy tiles, place them on the walls or accents rather than the floor.

Choosing an unsuitable material

The second mistake to avoid when selecting bathroom tiles for flooring or for the walls is the choice of material. There are many different types of bathroom tiles on the market, but you’ll want to always choose those made out of ceramic, a standard material.

Ceramic is highly sturdy and will ensure that the tiles survive a decent number of years. Ceramic tile is noted for its longevity and is said to be more robust than other tile materials. Make sure you do your research for ceramic bathroom tiles price in  Bangalore, since prices differ by material.

Installing tiles that don’t create an aesthetically pleasing space

The major reason individuals install tiles in the bathroom is to improve the functioning and beauty of their bathrooms. The right pick should enhance or accentuate the current appearance of the space.

An additional tip is that you must always start with the wall tiles, both in terms of texture and colour. It is because it is simpler to find bathroom floor tiles which complement the wall tiles. A coordinated appearance will be attractive to the senses and will shine out.

Failing to consider anti-skid characteristics

When selecting tiles for the bathroom floor, the next mistake to avoid is failing to consider anti-skid qualities. Although a matte surface may render your bathroom less slick, as previously noted, tiles featuring anti-skid features will make the floor particularly safer due to their high friction.  

Since elderly members and children are more likely to fall while using low friction floor tiles in the bathroom, anti-skid tiles are beneficial in homes with these groups. So, for your bathroom floor, go with anti-slip tiles. However, the bathroom tiles price, Bangalore, may be slightly higher for such tiles.

Forgetting to ask for samples

When a tile is ultimately laid, it looks different from when on display. The tile may appear great on the stand, but you might not favour what you see after the installation has been completed.

It is advised that you ask the vendor to provide you with samples of when the tile has already been placed. You can determine from the samples or photographs the degree to which you will be satisfied with the finished product. While you’re at it, you must also find out the price for the kind of tiles you’re considering, whether they are ceramic or vitrified tiles, Bangalore.


Making a quality tile compromise for your bathroom is not a wise decision since it will affect the bathroom’s entire appearance and atmosphere. So, select tiles that are long-lasting and simple to maintain for your bathroom. Moreover, seek the help of an expert to determine the quantity of tiles that you’ll need to avoid overspending or falling short.

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