April 14, 2024

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Explore Incredible India – Houseboats in Nigeen Lake

Kashmir Houseboats booking

Kashmir Houseboats booking

India is a land of diversity. There is an entirely different feel every time you travel from one place to another. If you are looking to explore some hidden beauty in India, then you must try the Kashmir houseboats. Because of the massive tourist attraction, it is essential to ensure Kashmir Houseboats booking in advance. 

OIften people talk massively about the majestic and serene view of the Dal Lake. The Houseboats in Nigeen Lake have a special charm that is undeniable. It is essential for you to enjoy this peaceful moment firsthand in order to get a real feel. 

Nigeen Lake is just a few kilometers away from the more popular Dal Lake. This lake is particularly known for its calmness and peaceful feeling. The only sound that you will hear in the water is the movement of the boat or the oar. There is no better therapy than this. 

Nigeen literally means a jewel on the ring. This is rightly justified by the majestic and enchanting view of the Poplar and Willow trees. This provides an awe-inspiring and picturesque landscape amidst the majestic Himalayas. 

The Atmosphere of Nigeen Lake 

Many international tourists compare the beauty of the atmosphere to Venice. There are also comparisons to the backwaters of Kerala. But I personally feel that this place has an aura of its own. There can be no comparisons to this unique place. 

The picture-perfect atmosphere has the Hari Prabat Hill in the backdrop. The lake is also at the foothill of the Zabarwan Mountain digital marketing agency houston. The Nigeen Lake has a strong connection to the British Empire. The air has a feel of legacy and royalty. 

Specialitiies at Nigeen Lake

The Lake is quite small in comparison to the Dal Lake. With an area of 2.7 square kilometers, the lake boasts of very little crowd. The Nigeen Lake however has a direct connection to Dal Lake through a narrow strait. But many people are not aware of this. 

The Nigen Lake also has a connection with Khushal Sar and Gill Sar Lakes through the strait of Nallah Amir Khan. So this is a sufficient geographical description. Let us now see, what to expect when you visit Nigeen Lake. 

Kolu Group of Houseboats

If you had already been to any houseboat in Dal Lake, you will know that Kolu Group Has the best-in-class luxury service. However, if this is going to be your first visit, be ready to be taken aback by the combination of endless luxury and the mesmerizing beauty of nature.  

These houseboats have the traditional and aesthetic look of original houseboats. Even today, these houseboats are built only by traditional carpenters, using the same concept that has been in use, for ages. 

The serene view

The Nigeen Lake boasts a captivating view. Hari Prabat Hill and Zabarwan Mountain provide the best possible views for enjoying nature. Waking up to mesmerizing sunrise, and the peaceful sunset are the special attractions of this place. 

Value-added services

When staying at the houseboat in Nigeen Lake, other services are part of the service. This includes trout fishing, trekking, shikara rides, water trekking, boat rides, etc. 

There are different types of rooms available too. These include Deluxe rooms, Premium rooms, Noora suite rooms, and Luxury Suite Rooms. The services in different room varies, and is dependent on the type of luxury and comfort you want. 

The Houseboats provide one of the best vacations you could ever have. These houseboats should be on top of your bucket list when planning your next trip. Although Kashmir may be under insurgency and militant attacks, these lakes continue to be a tourist attraction. 

The situation is continually improving and more tourists start pouring in every year. This is boosting tourism and options for improving future tourist attractions. 

Bottom Line

No amount of research or reading will satisfy the human soul. This kind of natural beauty needs to be experienced in reality. Pause your planning and start booking. 

Kashmir Houseboats booking is now simple using the Kolu Group of houseboats. So, whether you are planning a solo trip, a family vacation, or even a honeymoon, this trip will be the best and most memorable moment in your life.