June 20, 2024

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Everything You Need to Know About Rug Placement in a Bedroom

Rug placement in a bedroom

If you’re looking for an easy and instant way to amp up your bedroom, then placing a rug under your bed is a great idea! It is an excellent way to make the space feel homier. The Rugs add a layer of comfort and extra dimension to your floors.

There are some placement and size rules for how to place a rug under a bed. If you want to buy a rug for your bedroom, keep reading to learn what sizes work best for your space.

Whether it be charm, character, a splash of color that warms up a room, or textures that feel cozy underfoot— rugs are a must-have.

But rug placement can often become tricky, with various colors, designs, sizes, and styles to pick from. This article will guide you about the size and layouts you can experiment with according to your space. 

So, let’s get into it! Shall we? 

What are the best layouts for a rug under the bed?

  • Put your bed on top of a large rug

If you have a large bedroom and you want your rug to fill up most of the space in your bedroom, choose a large rug and place it in the center of the room. Ensure to set the furniture legs on top of your rug to give your room a cohesive finish. 

Leave at least 10 inches (25 cm) from the room’s trim and the edge of the rug so there’s still space between the walls and the edges of your rug.

  • Position the rug 5 inches (13 cm) from your bed

Place your rug in a way that the long edge is parallel to the bottom part of the bed. This way, only 2 of your bed’s legs will be on the top of the rug. Leave a gap between the rug and the headboard of the bed. Ensure that the sides of the rug extend far enough so that you can step onto it easily whenever you get out of bed.

  • Place the rug under the bottom third of the bed

This is the most famous method of placing a rug under the bed because it covers a small portion and is affordable. In this layout, you slide the rug under the foot-side legs of the bed, keeping the long edge of the rug parallel to the foot-side of the bed. 

  • Set runner rugs along the sides of the bed

If you are still finding how to place a rug under a king bed in a medium size room, try surrounding the sides of the bed with 3 ft × 5 ft (0.91 m × 1.52 m) runners. 

What size suit which bed?

  • Twin or full bed: 6 ft × 9 ft rug

Since twin beds are smaller, using a large rug could overwhelm the space and make the room feel smaller. Therefore, for twin beds in a room, set both on top of a 6 ft × 9 ft rug.

  • Queen bed: 8 ft × 10 ft rug

Avoid using a small rug underneath a queen bed. This way, the bed will look too big compared to the rug. You can easily position an 8 ft × 10 ft rug under the bottom half of the bed.

  • King bed: 9 ft × 12 ft rug

You can use a 9 ft × 12 ft rug to cover your nightstands, bed, and bench on top by placing the long edges of the rug and bed parallel.


Adding a rug under the bed can instantly liven up the space giving it more character and adding to the aesthetics. Rugs are a great way to add a splash of color to your room, but we often face difficulty finding how to put a rug under a bed in the most attractive way. Follow the guideline in this article to make your rugs for your bedroom.