February 22, 2024

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Escape Rooms are a great way to bond with your loved ones. Many people have weekly escape room game nights from the comfort of their homes. While in the daily routines of life, one may not have much time to spare and go to an escape room, but here the virtual escape rooms come.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, virtual escape rooms are the newest trend in town. Ranging from kids to oldies, escape rooms are the solution to everything. Having bonding problems in your office? Try sc escape room. Want to escape the reality of your life for some time? Try an escape room. Want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team? Try an escape room, either physical or virtual. But for people with kids under 5/6 years of age, having to go and play complex escape rooms is quite difficult. Hence, virtual escape rooms can be played from the comfort of your home. 

What are Virtual Escape Rooms? 

Virtual Escape Rooms are online escape room games that are conducted via Zoom and other online meeting applications. In most cases, virtual escape rooms are just the remote version of real escape rooms. In these games, teams solve puzzles in a fixed amount of time. The game masters are connected virtually and might provide you with hints if needed. The purpose of these experiences is to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and team building. 

Following are several virtual escape room games that you can incorporate into your weekly list of games for an exciting and fun-filled escape room game night at home.   


Breakout Escape Rooms are a delight for the adrenaline junkies and movie-buffs out there. The brand has several virtual escape games for you to choose from. The games are technologically developed and advanced with special effects where players can have the same experience as they have while playing the physical escape rooms. The escape rooms offered by the company are “Sherlock Calls” for the hobby detectives in you, “Hostage” for the internal adventure seeker in you, and others called “Operation Ultra” and “Undercover.”  

WEBSITE: https://breakout.in/virtual/


Alice Escapes Wonderland might be a delight to literature enthusiasts and puzzlers.  The game is a technologically advanced concept where players wander through an immersive landscape and solve puzzles and riddles to complete the mystery. Players shrink and chase after pieces of information while minuscule, walk around an enchanted forest, and play visitors at a distraught tea party to recover the stolen item and assist Alice with finding her way home. The game is a fun, social, engaging experience with real team-building connections in expertly designed games and fair prices.  

WEBSITE: https://teambuilding.com/events/alice-escapes-wonderland 


You and your team of space recruits are in transit to Mars when your ship is overwhelmed by mysterious artificial intelligence. So starts a test of skill and endurance to cooperate and tackle difficulties and unlock a series of puzzling rooms to recover control of the ship. Your event host, Space Commander, will direct you, but only your group can effectively finish: Space Escape.  


Go fully digital as you and your group take your pick of experience with Escape Hunt. Your group will work together and cooperate by means of Zoom to explore an actual escape room to get out before time ends — or cooperate to save a city from a bomb threat. Whether you are competing with your colleagues or working close by them, a memorable team-building experience is guaranteed.  

WEBSITE: https://escapehunt.com/uk/team-building/ 


It is 2097, and your group has been chosen to open the next part in Space Exploration. This virtual experience will have you and your group hustling from Earth to Pluto while settling various questions, difficulties, and riddles. To make things considerably simpler for your group to get everything rolling — you can play with an unlimited number of groups on your preferred video conferencing foundation!  

WEBSITE: https://www.escapeac.co/corporate?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=snack_nation&utm_campaign=online_escape_room


Are you ready to become a spy? At your next virtual team-building event, jump into this spy-themed virtual escape room. You will require the assistance of your team to address the hints, questions, and riddles that are introduced to you. Cooperate to track down every one of the mystery codes, clues, and replies to uncover the area of the mystery base camp. The clock is ticking – can you make it there as quickly as possible?  

WEBSITE: https://www.tagvenue.com/virtual-events/activity/destination-unknown


Enchambered is a real-life escape room that chose to take a portion of the fun online. Aside from 10 fun web-based puzzles with various topics, the site offers Alone Together, a two-player escape game played on two separate gadgets. Whether you’re in the same room or miles separated, the way to winning the match is through collaboration and communication.  

WEBSITE: https://www.enchambered.com/puzzles/


Students of the esteemed Monster Hunt Academy, fortitude is calling! Professor Corso has been defeated by a mythical creature that only you and your adventurous group can vanquish. You have an hour to finish before time runs out, retaliate against the Professor, and save the school. Will you make it? This agreeable and profoundly evaluated sound escape room will hit the appropriate notes with its drawing-in storyline and unpredictable craftsmanship. 


Having an escape room experience with your friends or colleagues is one thing, but having them with your family is an entirely different thing. Inculcating your kids in these online escape room games from an early age can be helpful to them in the long term. So, here are some virtual escape room games that you and your family can play from your home. Enjoy the games to the fullest while challenging your wits.