April 14, 2024

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Draw Spiderman Drawing Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Draw Spiderman Drawing Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Spider-man Drawing Easy many fantastic, mythical characters from Norse folklore are well-known today. One of the most well-known and renowned of these fascinating gods is Loki, the god of mischief.

One of the reasons he remains so popular is that he has been given fresh life as a beloved character in various Marvel characters.

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He has also recently appeared in manywell-liked Marvel films and TV shows, and his popularity is still growing!

This piece might interest you if you want to learn how to sketch Loki but are unsure where to begin. Spider-man Drawing Easy will be a tutorial that admirers of this sneaky character shouldn’t miss!

We truly hope you enjoy working with us to create this excellent instruction book that will teach you how to draw Loki in six easy steps.

Step By Step Drawing Tutorial


  • The sketch of Loki in this step-by-step drawing lesson will be based on his customary Marvel comic attire.
  • The long horns on the helmet he sports in the comics and movies will be discussed first.
  • The crescent-shaped horn on the left is created by using bent lines. Use more curved lines for the right one, but this one will look smoother because of the slant.
  • His big, angular helmet will have a small opening at the front for his visage. You can also fit his face into that space, sporting a severe look.
  • After adding a few more curved lines to the wide collar of his cloak in this step, we can move on to step 2.


  • Draw the broad shoulder portions of his cloak next.
  • This area of your Loki design will receive the large, square shoulder portions of Loki’s cloak.
  • For the upper edges of these shoulder sections, start by drawing some primary, horizontal, straight lines. Then the broad, angular rims of the shoulder pads should be sketched.
  • You might want to closely copy the example we provided since these parts can be a little tricky.
  • Then, some pointed lines should be added to the collar’s lower portions, and more curved lines should be stretched downward for the cloak’s opening over his torso.


  • We can move on to step 3 after adding rims to the sides of these collar component pieces.
  • The third stage is to draw his first arm and more of his robe.
  • We will include several details in this stage.
  • This arm will be lazily hanging at his side, and the palm there will be clenched into a fist. This arm and his cloak are adorned with numerous tiny sections, pads, and embellishments.
  • Then, while we use thin, rectangular shapes for the parts that descend, you can use some flowing squared shapes to represent the front portions of his cloak.
  • You can proceed to step 4 once it mimics the reference image.


  • Draw his other extremities next, then start outlining his legs.
  • By completing the body and limb outlines in this stage of your Loki sketch, you’ll get them ready for the last round of detailing in the next.
  • Because it is holding the staff, we will draw in the next step; the left arm will be slightly raised.
  • If not, the shape of this sleeve will resemble the other arm you drew pretty closely.
  • His boots will be similarly detailed to the rest of his clothing, but the tops of his trousers will have a few smoother lines. The last few details in the next step are ready for you to move on to!


  • Complete your Loki drawing.
  • We will use wavier lines to define the staff because its shape is slightly curved.
  • Similar to the different parts of his attire, the staff will have several more minor details. The tip will also be broad, curved, and sharp.
  • You can add some of your ideas after drawing this thing! One choice would be to draw a background, which is an excellent method to present your favorite Loki scene.